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Industrial laundry equipment | used commercial flatwork ironer for sale

When your operation needs the most efficient ironing capabilities, you can’t go without a quality machine. But the cost of new commercial laundry equipment never seems to get cheaper. Thankfully, there are trustworthy suppliers that can match you with used equipment that performs just as well as new.

There are many reasons to choose a used appliance over a new one, the first, of course, is the cost, but if you work with a trustworthy source in industrial laundry equipment, you’ll also reap the benefits of better, more efficient, and harder working machinery. If you could save money by purchasing a used commercial flatwork ironer for sale instead of buying new, and trust that it would work just as well if not better than a new one from a similar brand, wouldn’t that be the better option?

Reconditioning and Regular Maintenance for all Pre-owned Equipment.

It’s easy to keep your used chicago flatwork ironer in top shape with R.W Martin. Their in house technicians can perform routine maintenance around your schedule. When you purchase used industrial laundry equipment from R.W Martin, you’re never without the proper parts and services that keep your machinery running smoothly.

R.W. Martin has an in-house facility dedicated to equipment reconditioning. They use proven operating procedures to ensure consistent and reliable outcomes on any used laundry equipment. Their technicians can also provide you with parts and service agreements for your reconditioned machinery that are similar to those you get with re-manufactured equipment.

Used laundry equipment for sale

R.W Martin’s Capabilities For Used Equipment

With over 75,000 square feet at their facility, no one provides better choices in used commercial laundry equipment. Whether you’re in the market for just one used chicago flatwork ironer for sale or you need to fill a whole plant, R.W. Martin has the capabilities to design and improve your daily production.

R.W Martin’s long history in the commercial laundry industry has given them an unrivaled depth of experience. R.W. Martin’s factory-trained technicians can service equipment from virtually any manufacturer. They understand the importance of one-stop service, so R.W. Martin provides installation services, equipment evaluations, machine tuning, on-site equipment reconditioning, maintenance trainings, and more.

Quality Testing on all Equipment | Including Used Chicago Flatwork Ironers For Sale

R.W. Martin, buys, sells, and re-manufactures high-quality, used industrial laundry equipment, always putting customer satisfaction first. From wrappers and folding tables to used chicago flatwork ironers for sale, they’ve got the equipment you’re looking for. R.W. Martin can even assist you with setting up your facility from scratch, seamlessly integrating equipment from multiple manufacturers to build a fully-functioning operation.

All equipment purchased and sold by R.W. Martin is processed through a detail Equipment Assessment Process to ensure they are fully aware of the condition of the piece. Each Piece is visually and operationally tested. Whatever the condition of the appliance, R.W. Martin will full disclose any findings to their customers, knowing some customers are more comfortable with certain levels of maintenance than others.

R.W. Martin’s Company Philosophy

R.W Martin believes in top level service for their customers, their community and to each other as members of the Martin organization. They have found success as a result of clear, cooperative positive thinking. They always make the best effort to understand and appreciate their customers’ needs in every situation to build lasting relationships that exceed their customers’ expectations now and in the future.

Creating more value through their “Customer First” attitude, is practiced by every Martin team member on a daily basis, and they will always demonstrate this belief by continually re-earning their positions everyday in every way. You have a lot of choices when it comes to shopping for a used chicago flatwork ironer for sale, and R.W Martin is confident that they can keep you and your facility in the best hands.

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Honesty Matters with R.W. Martin

If you’re frequently on the hunt for used industrial laundry equipment like used chicago flatwork ironers for sale, you may have unfortunately learned that the industry isn’t always full of straight shooters. There’s a lot of independent sellers looking to make a quick dollar from their used appliance, and by the time you get a chance to inspect it, you’ve already parted ways with your money.

You never have to worry about being left high and dry without working equipment when you partner with R.W Martin. Setting themselves a part as a quality supplier of used commercial appliances is easy when your first priority is building good relationships. Repeat happy customers is R.W. Martin‘s key to success in the industrial laundry equipment industry for over 40 years.

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