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ADVAN Design and R.W. Martin work together to make laundry equipment like used commercial laundry folders for sale more accessible to the facilities that need them. While R.W. Martin continues to provide reliable equipment solutions, we give them the digital marketing tools they need to succeed in a competitive internet marketplace.

If you are looking for used commercial laundry folders for sale or other forms of industrial laundry equipment, R.W. Martin has you covered. R.W. Martin is a leading provider of industrial laundry equipment solutions. So, you can always find the high-quality machinery you need for prices within your budget.

5 advantages of Braun small piece folders

Braun is one of the many distinguished manufacturers you will find in R.W. Martin’s catalog of commercial laundry equipment. In fact, Braun’s small piece folders are among the best forms of folding equipment in the industry.

Used commercial laundry folders for sale from Braun offer a variety of advantages for laundry operations:

  1. Braun small folders offer the smallest footprint in the industry.
  2. They have redesigned the rear discharge model for more efficient folding of extra-thick linens and laundry items. So, it can handle even the fluffiest towels and linens while still being able to effectively of thinner, smaller items. In fact, these folders feature automatic width detection to adjust fold width for each individual item.
  3. Braun’s Precision Series small piece folders use a max of 7.5 CFM of air on the highest settings, folding up to 1,000 items every hour. Also, this is only engaged in the French fold section of the machine. As a result, overall air consumption is as low as 3.75 CFM. Most other used commercial laundry folders for sale use as much as 8.75 CFM.
  4. User-friendly controls allow operators to quickly select between two and four wheels. Two wheels are best for folding smaller items, while 4 wheels can more effectively fold larger items.
  5. Braun small piece folders include a lint blow-off feature, which automatically cleans the photocell lenses. As a result, the maintenance requirements are minimized.

ADVAN Design | Used Commercial Laundry Folders for Sale | R.W. Martin

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R.W. Martin Laundry Equipment Solution

If you are looking for used commercial laundry folders for sale and other laundry equipment solutions? Contact R.W. Martin today! Learn more about R.W. Martin on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.

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