Fire Extinguisher Inspection Made Easy

July 26, 2021|Inspection Software|

The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Inspection Having equipment for a job is one thing, but working equipment is what makes all the difference. It isn’t enough to simply hope that your fire extinguishers work year after year, real steps need to be [...]

7 Essential SEO Skills For Copywriting in 2021

July 19, 2021|Uncategorized|

Google continues to reign supreme as the top search engine, handling over 90% of all worldwide search queries. Ranking high in the Google search results is an SEO professional’s top priority. Changing algorithms provide constant challenges to SEO copywriters. However, the basic rules of [...]

4 Project Management Failures We Still Aren’t Over

July 19, 2021|Uncategorized|

Remember These Famous Project Management Failures? When you’re trying to manage business at your organization, it’s important to be flexible. But let's be real: it's easier said than done. Even major brands like Sony and Coca-Cola make mistakes. Unfortunately for these industry [...]

7 SEO Tips For New Bloggers

July 19, 2021|Writing How-To|

As a new blogger, you want to avoid becoming overwhelmed with everything that you need to be doing. Being overwhelmed can mean the difference between an idea that exists only in your mind and a published blog full of amazing content that you created. [...]

Why Does My Blog Have a High Bounce Rate?

July 19, 2021|Writing How-To|

You work hard every damn day to get people to your blog. Pushing yourself to research topics, keywords, spending hours writing, and then promoting your blog posts. Because of all that hard work,  it’s a real kick in the gut when visitors arrive only [...]

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