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ACLS & PALS Certification

Are you searching for ACLS & PALS certification near me? Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service offers professionally taught, affordable ACLS certification and PALS certification courses to the public. In these classes, you will learn many applicable lifesaving skills including basic life support, recognition of cardiac arrest, and more! However, you can choose to learn even more with the selection of other classes from Martens & Sons. They also offer BLS and CPR classes for those who are interested. Contact Martens & Sons today to sign up for a class and learn invaluable medical skills!

About the ACLS & PALS Certification Courses

These educational health training courses can turn you into a lifesaver in no time. Just visit the event calendar on the Martens & Sons website to pick which date and class works best in your schedule, so you can begin working on your ACLS & PALS certification.

American Heart Association ACLS Certification Course

The ACLS certification course is an advanced educational course, which offers a multifaceted approach to medical safety. This course will teach a multitude of valuable skills: intervention of cardiopulmonary arrest, acute coronary syndromes (ACS), and acute dysrhythmia; systems of care, immediate post-cardiac arrest, stroke, recognition, and team dynamics and communication. Learn more about the American Heart Association ACLS Course here.

American Heart Association PALS Certification Course

The PALS certification course teaches basic life support skills through both training videos and simulated pediatric emergencies. As a result, you will master many medical safety skills: pediatric assessment, effective resuscitation, team dynamics, and PALS treatment algorithms. Learn more about the American Heart Association PALS Course here.

About Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service

Martens & Sons Ambulance Service began offering ambulance services to Northeast Ohio in 1964. Now, they have become one the top providers of ambulance services in the area. They are also the longest-running, family owned ambulance service in the area. In the beginning, they operated a single ambulance. Now, however, they operate over 85 ambulances, ambulettes, and mobile intensive care units. Martens & Sons also utilizes the best and most current medical technology available, so all patients receives safe and reliable care. Martens & Sons works to make sure the patient and their family receives the compassionate care they deserve.

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If you are searching for ACLS & PALS certification near me, contact Donald Martens & Sons. Learn more about Martens & Sons on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.

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