Medical Certifications

Searching for Options For Fundraising for PHSA

December 16, 2020|Medical Certifications|

Investing in Your Education With Premier Health & Safety Academy Fundraising for PHSA can help provide top-quality educational resources across the community. Prehospital professionals and students from all over the Northeast Ohio community count on Premier Health & Safety Academy for comprehensive training courses. Whether [...]

Selecting a Paramedic School in Ohio

November 9, 2020|Medical Certifications|

Premier Health & Safety Academy | Working For the Northeast Ohio Community Have you been trying to find a reliable paramedic school in Ohio? Prehospital care professionals and students from across the Northeast Ohio community count on Premier Health & Safety Academy for training resources. [...]

Emergency Medical Responder Class (EMR)

August 12, 2020|Medical Certifications|

Learn lifesaving skills with Premier Health & Safety emergency medical response classes. If you want to start training to become a lifesaving medical professional, the Premier Health & Safety Academy offers a full catalog of classes. In fact, when you sign up for classes at [...]

Finding ACLS Certification Cleveland Resources

July 19, 2020|Medical Certifications|

Premier Health & Safety Academy and ADVAN Design | A Collaboration for Both Innovation and Growth  Have you been looking for an ACLS certification Cleveland? You can count on Premier Health & Safety Academy for ACLS certification Ohio resources and other American Heart Association-sanctioned training. [...]

Premier Health PALS Class

October 12, 2019|Medical Certifications, Uncategorized|

PALS Class offered by Premier Health & Safety Academy If you are looking to learn lifesaving health safety skills in Ohio, contact the Premier Health & Safety Academy. With their PALS class, you can learn valuable skills for handling health emergencies in infants and children. [...]

ACLS Classes Cleveland Ohio

October 8, 2019|Medical Certifications, Uncategorized|

ACLS Classes Cleveland Ohio | Premier Health Are you looking for ACLS Classes Cleveland Ohio? The Premier Health & Safety Academy is offerings ADVAN Designced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) classes to the public along with many other classes. These professionally-taught classes offer invaluable health safety [...]

ACLS Certification Courses

May 15, 2019|Medical Certifications, Uncategorized|

ACLS Certification Courses | Martens & Sons Donald Martens & Sons Ambulance Service is offering ACLS Certification and other courses to the public. If you are interested in receiving certification for ACLS, CPR, or other medical skills, Martens & Sons offers their courses at a [...]

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