Why Should I Use a Safety Inspection App in My Healthcare Facility?

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Healthcare professionals have no time to waste when it comes to the transport of trauma victims, the diagnosis of a patient, or the decision between two medications. In a healthcare facility of any size, assets like fire extinguishers and emergency lights need to be thoroughly inspected.  If physicians and facility administrators miss fire alarms or other alerts, then staff and patients are at risk.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require reliable workplace safety asset inspection systems, and in high-stakes environments, pen and paper inspections just won’t cut it. Manual safety inspections may seem easy, but they are time-consuming and prone to human errors.

When healthcare teams implement safety inspection apps, they leave no room for error and speed up inspections to allocate more attention and resources to patients.

What Are the Advantages of Safety Inspection Apps?

Inspections can be especially challenging if you need to make up for past code violations or address defective equipment. However, an inspection app keeps teams accountable and provides clear visual presentations of progress. With automated safety inspections, you see changes over time, how long procedures take, and you are able to use data however you need it.

Missing an asset along a route is a critical risk that comes with manual workplace safety asset inspections. However, a safety inspection app will ensure no piece of equipment is left unchecked.

Software specific to asset inspection and auditing  is also an effective alternative to suite software solutions. Workplace inspection software suites provide a wide range of useful tools, but their inspection capabilities are not as robust as those of software exclusively for safety asset tracking.

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How Does InspectNTrack Software Increase Safety in a Healthcare Facility?

When you take a more proactive approach to safety across your healthcare facility, you can streamline care and increase the health and well-being of your patients.

Do you need to find the ideal safety inspection app for your healthcare facility? To inspect eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, emergency lights, exit signs, and other workplace safety assets efficiently and accurately, choose InspectNTrack software.

What do InspectNTrack software and hardware solutions do to increase workplace safety? The technology facilitates the fast and easy tracking, scheduling, and documentation of workplace safety asset inspection, maintenance, and auditing procedures. As every team, facility, and company goal is different, InspectNTrack users customize routes, questions, and follow-up actions with ease. To even further ensure suitability across many different spaces, the software is also compatible with iOS, Windows 10, and Android.

The larger a facility, and the greater the number of safety assets in a space, the more complex an inspection becomes. The risk of costly mistakes also increases. For this reason, InspectNTrack software allows for easy accommodation of any route size and the convenient inspection of moveable assets.

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The software accepts 1-D, 2-D, and manufacturers’ barcodes in addition to QR codes. Use InspectNTrack software with existing or new equipment barcodes.

InspectNTrack technology is the result of collaboration between some of the world’s premier environmental health and safety professionals. When you implement InspectNTrack software in your space, you add the most current inspection solutions to your set of safety procedures.

In addition to the healthcare field, InspectNTrack barcode-driven mobile inspection software has become a vital resource for teams across the education, manufacturing, and warehousing industries, and in hazardous and high-security facilities.

Are you ready to make your healthcare facility a safer place? To find out how InspectNTrack technology maximizes safety in healthcare facilities and across other spaces, just visit https://inspecttrack.com/ today.

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