How Can I Make Safety Asset Inspection Easier?

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It seems as if “fire extinguisher inspection”  pops up on the schedule when all of the important meetings are ahead. Even though asset inspection is a necessary part of keeping a safe and efficient workplace, it’s easy to see it as an inconvenience when it comes up on the calendar.

While they are easy to dread, safety inspections mark opportunities to streamline your business operations and ensure your company is safe for everyone. Have you ever thought about how an automated inspection management app would help you maximize safety in your facility?

Some business leaders will decide against investment in workplace safety inspection software because they are unfamiliar with the technology, and just know what steps are necessary for a manual inspection. However, it’s easy to discount just how susceptible manual inspections are to human error, and just how time-consuming, costly, and frustrating it can be to check on safety equipment by hand.

What Are the Advantages of Automated Inspection Software?

Where manual safety asset inspections limit you, automated inspection software allows you to streamline processes and dedicate more time to other facets of your business operations. Among other factors, an inspection app aids in improving communication across your space, saving on repair costs, speeding up inspection, and keeping a facility up to code.

You cannot rely on written or verbal reminders to maintain an effective set of workplace safety equipment. However, automated inspection solutions allow teams a convenient channel for approvals and other notifications.

Mistakes during the inspection process become expensive quickly. With the right software, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements. The technology eliminates the risk of making miscalculations or missing steps. It also helps speed up the inspection process as it eliminates the time you spend making second guesses.

It’s a challenge to try to maintain efficient business operations and make up for past code violations at the same time. However, inspection technology helps keep you accountable and allows for convenient visualization of progress.  When you decide to automate your inspections, over time, you begin to see where compliance improves, how long inspections take, and use the data in numerous other ways.

Reach Out to InspectNTrack Today

If you want to get the most out of an investment in automated inspection software, then add the exclusive barcode-driven technology from InspectNTrack to your facility. Global technology innovators, auto manufacturers, some of the world’s leading institutions of higher education, and many other organizations have implemented InspectNTrack solutions to ensure workplace safety and efficiency.

The technology allows users to inspect workplace assets and document and track inspections as well as set up failure responses with ease. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10, teams can use device cameras to scan barcodes along an inspection route. However, users can implement the technology without barcodes. Either use existing devices or choose from InspectNTrack’s durable, enterprise-grade hardware options. Use InspectNTrack technology to inspect fire extinguishers, emergency lights, exit signs, fire alarms, vent hoods, eyewash stations, and more.

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Where manual inspections or alternative technologies limited you in the past, InspectNTrack speeds up the inspection process. Use the app to determine the most efficient inspection path for both stationary and mobile equipment. The app ensures you address every piece of equipment along a route.

Cloud hosting makes inspections even easier; InspectNTrack software users can access their systems from any location and don’t need to maintain costly servers. Users also depend on InspectNTrack technology for the customization and automatic delivery of inspection reports. The results are convenient compliance records, no matter the authority applicable to your industry or company.

When you implement InspectNTrack solutions, you add the product of collaboration between leading environmental health and safety professionals to your facility. To find out more about InspectNTrack,  visit today.

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