How Will Mobile Inspection Software Maximize Safety in My Facility?

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Assets like emergency lights, vent hoods, and eyewash stations are an integral part of workplace safety.  However, they are only effective when you perform consistent inspections.

While the safety inspection process seems simple, manual checks can be costly, time-consuming, and susceptible to human error. It is true that walk-around facility checks and handwritten notes suit some spaces, but manual inspections simply don’t allow teams to find failures and respond to them as efficiently as possible.

If you want to keep your facility and employees safe, then you cannot afford to miss assets along a route, order incorrect responses, or fall behind on inspection schedules. When you add automated mobile inspection to your current set of safety practices, you have more time and resources to dedicate to other areas of your business. Where manual inspections limit you, mobile inspection software allows you to add value to your facility as you streamline your business operations.

Types of Safety Inspection Software

Do you need to inspect fire extinguishers or other pieces of equipment, but want to speed up the process? There are a few alternatives to pen and paper inspections. Some teams choose to simply use digital spreadsheets to keep track of asset inspections. However, this leaves data not easily accessible for proof of compliance or the facilitation of follow-up actions.

Other businesses, like large corporations, implement suite software to address code compliance, risk management, quality assurance, and other aspects. However, this technology often includes added features and functions that confuse maintenance technicians. Suite software’s auditing and inspection capabilities are not always as comprehensive as software specific to safety inspections.

Another option is the implementation of mobile devices to scan barcodes along an inspection route. Mobile inspection minimizes the waste of paper while providing companies the advantage of inspection-specific technology.

Where simple spreadsheets don’t aid in setting up necessary follow-ups, and software suites’ inspection capabilities are limited, barcode-driven mobile inspection software is the best choice.

Make Your Facility a Safer Place to Work With InspectNTrack

What is InspectNTrack technology? This exclusive inspection management software facilitates the scheduling, tracking, and documentation of the inspection of a diverse range of workplace safety assets. The app is a vital resource for some of the world’s leading manufacturers, technology innovators, colleges and universities, and many other organizations and businesses. InspectNTrack technology is the product of collaboration between some of the world’s leading environmental health and safety experts.

Inspections are especially challenging in large facilities with moveable workplace safety assets. However, InspectNTrack solutions make inspections easy in facilities of all sizes. Exclusive location scanning capabilities verify locations to keep teams from missing any piece of equipment along an inspection route.

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Why should you implement InspectNTrack mobile inspection solutions in your space? The technology allows teams to inspect fire extinguishers, vent hoods, safety showers, exit signs, emergency lights, and other assets along the most efficient routes possible. InspectNTrack technology also facilitates dynamic scheduling along with follow-up actions. Depend on the InspectNTrack app to ensure timely inspections, keep your space up to code, and customize reports to show compliance with regulations.

Where alternative software systems might require the tedious and costly upkeep of servers, InspectNTrack allows teams to access the technology anywhere with the convenience of Cloud hosting. To ensure functionality across many different facilities, InspectNTrack software is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

Do you need to add reliable mobile inspection software to your current set of safety procedures? Use InspectNTrack hardware and software to make your workplace safer and more efficient. To request a free demo of InspectNTrack solutions for your space, just visit today.

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