The Power Of Transcribed Podcast Episodes

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Creating and listening to podcasts is one of the most popular pastimes in 2021. Getting involved in the podcast world is a great way to connect with your target audience. Podcasts, when done well, are engaging and creative, and give you the chance to speak directly to your audience.

But did you know there’s also value in using transcribed podcast episodes to your advantage? Publishing transcribed podcast episodes on your website gives your keywords another way to rank highly in search engine results.

Transcribed Podcast Episodes And SEO Strategy | What’s The Connection?

In May 2019, Google began recording podcast content so that if users needed to look up a certain podcast, it would appear in the search results. Publishing transcribed podcast episodes makes it easier for individuals who may be deaf to access your podcasts. 

If you choose to publish your transcribed podcast episodes, make sure to alert your audience to the new post and where they can find it on your site.

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Ideally, the transcribed podcast episodes will bring in more audience interaction. To increase their interest and interaction, optimize your transcribed podcast episodes. Add features such as pictures, key takeaways, main ideas, and include timestamps and summaries. Adding more optimizable features will ensure your keywords rank higher. 

To pull in more website traffic, link to support content to attract listeners and readers from other niches. For example, if you had a transcribed podcast episode about baking cookies, you could link your episode to your favorite online recipe. Now, you’ll have better search engine rankings and draw in more readers. 

Transcribing Your Podcast Episode

After the hard part of recording and uploading your podcast is done, transcribing your podcast episode is easy. You’ll first want to download the episode audio file. Second, you’ll need audio transcription software. A few popular services are, Transcribe, or Trint. 

Once the transcription process is complete, review the results for any errors. Finally, research your competitors’ transcribed podcast episodes and think about which keywords will work best for your podcast.

3 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Transcribed Podcast Episode

  • Choices for Your Audience – Users now have multiple ways to consume your content in the medium that works best for them.
  • Outside References – With a published episode with correct timestamps and dates, outside sources can quote your transcription in their own content,
  • Marketing – With a published transcribed podcast episode, you now have one more piece of content to promote to new users.

That’s A Wrap!

Once you begin regularly posting transcribed podcast episodes, you can start to incorporate this into your SEO strategy. 

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You can also apply that practice to promote new products or services you offer. If you’re new to the podcasting scene, invest your time into recording quality podcasts that you can one day turn into transcribed episodes. If you’re already recording and publishing your podcasts, take the extra step to publish the transcriptions, and you’ll be on your way to higher search engine rankings in no time. 

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