In need of traction bar, ladder bars and more? Southside Machines has what you need, whether it’s for drag racing or performance automotive aspects. Southside Machines’ label is carried by ADVAN Designced Resourceswho specializes in complex product line manufacturing. From the latest in design engineering, through extreme tolerance CNC machinery, and multi-stage finishing processes, they have developed techniques and processes that are durable and precise without the high cost. Companies have tried and failed to manufacture products that are like Southside Machines brand but none have come close. ADVAN Designced Resources keeps the name going with the same product that has delivered satisfaction for decades.

What SSM traction bars (aka lift bars/ladder bars) do is use the axle torque to increase your tire traction by lowering the center of gravity on the rear axle. This forces torque downward instead of forward, planting your rear tires by pushing them down into the pavement. This greatly reduces wheel spin and eliminates axle-hop. To boot, easily bolted on installation requires no welding, making them great for all stock race classes. ADVAN Designced Resources is staffed with engineers and product managers that have generations of racing in their blood so they understand that quality and durability come first in any vehicle. It is this combination of knowledge, experience, and resources that have allowed them to proudly reintroduce the original Southside Machine line of products. If you don’t consider ADVAN Designced Resources and the Southside Machine product line, you’d just be spinning your wheels!

<h2>Traction Bars</h2>

As a car lover and drag racing enthusiast, you probably know that by adding new tires and not traction bars will only reduce tire-spin and wheel-hop, not eliminate it. It’s only a quick fix until your tire treads go bald and you are stuck back at the beginning of your problem. Well as a car lover and drag racing enthusiast, you should also know about Southside Machine brand name products manufactured by ADVAN Designced Resources. SSM has been creating and designing car parts since 1959 and they have been the number one trusted brand by drag racers and performance vehicle users everywhere. Their traction bars and ladder bars have been specifically and uniquely designed to ELIMINATE wheel-spin and wheel-hop. They are made out of heavy duty boxed steel tubing that are guaranteed to never flex or bend. And the traction bars are good for coil or leaf-spring cars. They can handle whatever horsepower you throw at them!

When adding engine upgrades and other things to your vehicle to increase its speed, you are also decreasing the stock suspension because it can’t plant all that power on the ground. You need the SSM traction bars that will allow your tires to plant hard so you can get your speed down fast. Their Delrin bushings in the Rear Control Arm package allows for freedom of movement in your coil spring vehicle but it stops deflection or deforming when all that power is applied on hard launches. SSM is unique in that they are the only parts brand that uses this technique. Wheel-spin stops dead in its tracks. Your wallet will thank you when you don’t have to buy U-joints, drive shafts or axles because the traction bars take the damage away for you. Leave others in the dust with Southside Machine’s traction bars!

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