The FiberStrike® LCM-2700 Series FBG Interrogator is a state-of-the-art solution for Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) monitoring. Utilizing the expertise of parent company Cleveland Electric Laboratories, this FBG Interrogator is portable but durable enough to withstand the real world, wherever it goes.

The FBG Interrogator Principle

The idea behind an FBG Interrogator is that once light hits the fiber optic wire and travels to the FBG, the light then hits the interrogator. The interrogator translates the wavelength into usable data, usually in the form of required measurements. 

 The FiberStrike® Difference: The LCM-2700 Series

The Fiber Bragg Grating Interrogator from FiberStrike® is intended for use in remote and harsh locations. It is particularly useful for environmental applications, oil and gas, critical infrastructure, and more. The FBG Interrogator from FiberStrike® can measure temperature, pressure, and strain parameters with high levels of accuracy. Its precision measurements in addition to its portability and durability make it highly beneficial.

The LCM-2700 Series is battery-operated and can work for 30 hours just on battery power, USB, or ethernet. It can also operate up to 28 hours nonstop if it has access to WiFi. In order to save energy in locations where charging or WiFi options are not available, sleep/wake settings can be utilized to help the interrogator last longer.

The FiberStrike® FBG Interrogator: Easy to Transport, Easy to Protect

The LCM-2700 series is packaged in a lightweight, waterproof carrying case. There are storage compartments for accessories like the power cable, the fan-out cable, and the USB. Although the carrier is waterproof, the interrogator is rated IP67, which means it can withstand temporary immersion against liquids and protection against dust. 

The unit and carrying case together weigh 18 pounds with the unit itself just weighing 8 pounds. fbg interrogator

How the FBG Interrogator from FiberStrike® Works

The LCM-2700 Series can monitor a variety of parameters with just one optical cable connection. It can accommodate eight channels of data along with eight FBG sensors per each of those eight channels. The data is gathered via USB storage, the ethernet, or by the FiberStrike® GUI. 

The interrogator is user-friendly. There are easy-to-find buttons for power and calibration with LED indicators to highlight the display. The charge remaining, how much USB storage has been used, and more. If you opt for the GUI, you can use your computer to see results in real-time, which can be an amazing benefit for research or assessment purposes. 

There are many different kinds and brands of FBG Interrogator in the market, but for the most accurate, the most durable, and the most rugged, the FiberStrike® LCM-2700 Series is truly your best bet. To learn more about this interrogator and the other technology FiberStrike® makes available, contact them today

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