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Wuxi Aomeite is a leading provider of silicone and rubber extrusion in China. They offer immense experience in rubber extrusion in China, and they are capable of meeting even the most unique customer specifications. Wuxi’s rubber extrusion products are incredibly diverse, offering versatility in many different applications. Furthermore, for all products, Wuxi Aomeite offers a wide selection of colors and densities to ensure all customers get the product they need. Wuxi Aomeite is the best option for rubber extrusion in China.

About Wuxi Aomeite | Rubber Extrusion China

Wuxi Aomeite started in the rubber and silicone extrusion industry back in 1988, a time at which they were just a small rubber molding company. Not too long after their formation, however, they began offerings hand-fabrication and extrusion services. Their can-do attitude and professional work ethic have brought them consistent growth for the past thirty years. Furthermore, today, Wuxi has become one the most versatile and reliable companies for rubber extrusion in China.

Wuxi’s thirty years of experience in the rubber and silicone extrusion industry allows them to meet a virtually endless array of specific requirements. Even if they have yet to encounter your unique specifications, Wuxi is confident their expertise and resources can get the job done. They are more than capable of satisfying all customer needs. Furthermore, Wuxi’s clientele includes companies from many different industrial sectors: automotive, telecommunications, construction, and aerospace to name a few. When you choose Wuxi Aomeite, you receive service from one of the best companies for silicone and rubber extrusion in China.

Extruded Tubing Products | Rubber Extrusion China

Wuxi’s expertise in silicone extrusion gives them the ability to offer tubing and hose products in many different materials, which include platinum-cured silicone tubing, a material that ensures minimum extractables in final production. Furthermore, with these materials, Wuxi can offer high-quality performance at a reasonable price.

Wuxi’s silicone hoses and tubing are also highly resistant to extreme temperatures and environments; therefore, their silicone tubing is best for applications requiring materials that can withstand temperatures other materials cannot.

This silicone tubing is a rubber-like thermoset material with weather resistance, high elasticity, and inertness to ozone and U.V. radiation. Wuxi Aomeite focuses their resources on providing unparalleled product quality to their customers.

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If you are looking for reasonably priced and reliable rubber extrusion in China, contact Wuxi Aomeite. Their expertise in rubber molding and extrusion will get you the product you need every time. Furthermore, they offer consistent, high quality, and quick turnaround.

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