If you are searching for a portable ramp aluminum dock plate, look no further than Copperloy. Copperloy has been designing and manufacturing dock equipment for over 60 years. In fact, they have built its name as a top leading manufacturer in its industry. 

Aluminum dock plates are used for bridging the gap between dock and trailer with height differences when loading and unloading freight.  Its lightweight aluminum construction makes this an affordable choice of portable ramps for warehouses with low to medium volume applications. 

Please note, however, the recommended use with aluminum dock plates is pallet jacks and hand trucks and other non-powered equipment. They are not recommended for use with powered equipment such as a fork truck and forklifts. If your industry relies on powered equipment to load and unload Copperloy recommends aluminum dock boards or it’s steel dock board for your operations. 

Copperloy’s Portable Aluminum Dock Plate Feature:

Aluminum Construction

The advantage of its lightweight aluminum construction is mobility. Designed to be moved by hand and transported to any remote location when needed. 


Don’t let its lightweight feature think its not heavy duty. The designed capacities of the dock plate can handle up to 12,500 pounds. And available widths of 36,48,60, and 72 inches. Customized widths are available upon request. 

Steel Legs

Sturdy bolt-on half-inch thick steel locking legs prevent the dock plate shifting or slipping during transportation and distribution of freight. 

Vibrant Deck Edges

Dock plates do not have side curbs which allow for a pallet truck to make irregular and sharp turns. However, they do have brightly colored yellow deck edges for added visibility.  

11-Inch Lip

The standard 11-inch lip length bent at 11 degrees provides a stable and smooth transition from dock to trailer. A 14-inch lip length is available for refrigerated trailers.  

Lifting Straps

The standard knuckle saving nylon lifting straps enable two persons to easily transport the dock plate into position. 

Tread Surface 

An all weathered tread surface provides traction for pallet jack tires and footage of operators. Additionally, it prevents build up on the surface from any spills and debris. 

Copperloy takes pride in the fact that all its products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States. Additionally, they offer to ship across the US and have in-house financing available. When it comes to loading dock equipment there’s no better choice than Copperloy. 

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