A plastics design takes precision and time. It takes skills that not many people have and it takes patience and diligence to complete. The person able to do just that, is Greg Stout. His company Blue Reed specializes in rotational molding design and plastics designs. Whether it’s rotational, injection or blow molding, Blue Reed has the specialists and materials to offer their clients a well made and durable product. It’s vast network of manufacturers and businesses lets them offer parts and designs at a lower cost and let’s Blue Reed remain a local but successful business that isn’t interrupted by big corporations.

Stout has over 25 years experience in the plastics design area and Blue-Reed can assist you with all stages of product development and design.  Whatever concept stage or if your design requires extensive modifications to fit the process, they will work closely with your rotational molder to ensure that your product is launched successfully. They provide a 3d solid model from which a mold can be made so you can get your design fully realized. Contact Blue Reed, LLC today for a consultation or help with a product design. You can email Greg Stout at gstout@blue-reed.com or click on the link to his website. Let him help you with your designs and see what possibilities you can uncover.

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