OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio

When facing a DUI charge, you need a Brunswick DUI lawyer who can provide you with reliable legal counsel. DUI charges can potentially have substantial, negative effects on your life. Under Ohio law, the court can give out hefty fines, jail time, license suspension, and a vast variety of other penalties. If you have been charged with a DUI, your rights could be at risk; therefore, you need a Northeast Ohio DUI lawyer who will provide zealous representation in court as well as impeccable legal guidance.

Cameron B. Pedro is an OVI / DUI lawyer in Brunswick, Ohio, who has assisted countless clients in defending their rights in DUI cases. Pedro is among the best DUI lawyers in Northeast Ohio, serving the areas of Brunswick, Medina, Wadsworth, and many others. With his expertise, passionate representation, in-depth knowledge of the legal system, and dedication towards protecting Constitutional rights, Cameron B. Pedro can help you deal with almost any DUI case.

Consequences of DUI Convictions

DUI convictions can also potentially reach passed the official court penalties. When facing a DUI conviction, you could experience a significant impact on your personal and professional lives; furthermore, these effects could last for many years. They can also cause ineligibility for finding work with your present employer or future employers.

In addition, receiving a license suspension can make maintaining a schedule and personal commitments virtually impossible. The social stigma of DUI conviction can also cause a myriad of issues. Taking all the possible consequences of conviction in account equates to an unquestionable need for an attorney in these cases. If you have been charged, do not hesitate to find a DUI lawyer in Brunswick, Medina, or other Northeast Ohio areas.

Why You Need an Attorney | OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio

OVI convictions are incredibly serious, and for those charged, could mean many or all of the following consequences:

  • Jail Time
  • Fines & Court Fees
  • Total or Partial Suspension of Drivers License
  • Restricted License Plates
  • Probation
  • Treatment as Ordered by the Court

All of these consequences could be life-changing; therefore, finding a DUI lawyer is paramount for mitigating the charges. Also, in addition to the usual legal consequences, convicted offenders could even face problems finding employment, keeping their current job, and/or maintaining professional licenses.

With so much at stake, you should not be facing these charges alone. Cameron B. Pedro is a Brunswick DUI lawyer who will fight to protect your rights.

Protecting Your Rights in Court | OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio

Anyone charged with a DUI offense has the right to defend themselves. These charges are serious, and individuals need to feel confident that their rights are intact. There are many ways to go about defense. Depending on your case, you may challenge the charges on constitutional grounds. In other situations, a defense may also be created based on the chain of custody, breathalyzer margins of error, and many other aspects. Furthermore, factual disputes may be necessary to challenge the prosecution.

Cameron B. Pedro, OVI / DUI Lawyer Brunswick Ohio, will help you throughout the entire legal process. He will provide expert legal counsel, ensuring you make informed decisions, and he will provide zealous representation for you in court or in a negotiation for a plea agreement. With a reliable attorney at your side, you can feel more confident in finding a resolution that suits your needs and protects your future.

If you have been charged with an OVI in Brunswick or other Northeast Ohio areas, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. Cameron B. Pedro will protect your rights and interests with passionate representation and legal expertise.

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