lass floor walkable glassPeople have become somewhat accustomed to the mystic quality glass floors can offer. Especially at observatories and other landmarks where the glass floor allows you to look far down below your feet, the feature of glass flooring adds to the pull of the site. But what about adding a feature like this to an office building or a residence? Will the “wow” feature persist, or will it become old hat after awhile?

The truth is that a walkable glass floor from GBA Architectural Products + Services will maintain its appeal because it does not look exactly the same every day. The way the light hits it will make it look different. Different colors that surround it on a daily basis will be mirrored back, changing the complexion of the entire space. From a design standpoint, there is no question that structural glass flooring has a place in any modern-day architectural or interior design project. Visually, it is always stunning. The question persists, however. Is it safe?

Are Glass Floors Safe?

It is not difficult to convince someone that adding glass flooring to a space will enhance the beauty of the design. Safety, however, may be a somewhat more difficult argument to win. How can it not be slippery? How does it not just give under the weight of furniture and shelving, not to mention people?

In the case of structural glass flooring from GBA, there are several manufactured elements in place to ensure the safety of anyone who sets foot on this feature.

glass floor

The Lightweight Aluminum Grid

One of the secrets behind the strength of GBA’s structural glass flooring is the lightweight but strong aluminum grid used to support the panels. The aluminum that is used is 6063-T6. In addition to being a strong support, the aluminum grid can be powder coated to whatever color will work best in the space. It does not have to be the default silver color. 

The Engineered GlassWalk™ Floor System

To make double sure that the glass flooring will be as safe as possible, talk to GBA about their revolutionary GlassWalk™ floor system. In this system, GBA designs the glass to fit flush with the area needing flooring. It also will be reliable given the load requirements, and the flooring will have GBA’s promise of safety and quality. What can happen with other flooring systems is that glass panels not meant to go in the system are used, which creates non-flush surfaces that are significantly less safe than a fitted, engineered floor. 


GBA also manufactures a safe flooring system by providing decorative yet slip-resistant elements for flooring and stair systems. These frits can be acid etched or sandblasted, and the pattern can even match other design elements in the space, making the safety feature beautiful yet not overly disruptive. 

Guaranteed Load Bearing

Glass Floor | Walkable Glass FloorOne final safety feature GBA offers will soothe your mind. GBA engineers and then tests their flooring to make sure it meets a live load of 125 lbs PSF. For specialty applications like an auto showroom the load size can be increased. The advantage of using structural glass flooring specifically from GBA is that you are benefitting from GBA engineering, the best in the industry.

Convinced that your next design should include glass flooring or perhaps a glass staircase? Contact GBA to discuss your next great idea.


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