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Facing a criminal charge is incredibly serious, and without a proven criminal defense lawyer, the rights of defendants become much more vulnerable. Every citizen deserves the right to understand and contest the charges brought against them. Cameron B. Pedro is a criminal defense lawyer with the determination to defend the rights of his clients in and out of court. Conviction can lead to many negative consequences, which will affect your rights, family, finances, and many other important aspects of your life; therefore, you need an expert criminal defense lawyer by your side. With Pedro Law, you have a better chance of avoiding or mitigating the charges you have received.

Defending Your Rights | Criminal Defense Lawyer

Cameron B. Pedro works tirelessly on each and every case, searching for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. His experience as an Ohio criminal defense lawyer allows him to properly represent client cases and protect them from unjust charges. First and foremost, his mission is to help his clients avoid conviction or minimize the impact of lesser punishments.

Trial Lawyer

Pedro Law has extensive trial experience, having gone to trial countless times to ensure success for the client. Plea bargains are a better option for some clients; however, if it is necessary for the best results, Pedro will always go to trial. Pedro Law takes the best course of action for protecting client rights.

Defending Your Rights

Defendants in criminal cases have unalienable, Constitutional rights. Pedro law can uncover if law enforcement infringed on any of your rights and will use those infringements to the defendant’s advantage. Furthermore, Cameron B. Pedro will meticulously analyze the facts of your unique case, finding any and all weakness in the prosecution.

Pedro Law also focuses heavily on witness testimony and physical evidence, as this allows for the revealing of any errors in law enforcement or processing of the crime. Cameron B. Pedro is an expert of in-depth analysis of criminal cases and rarely overlooks advantageous details.

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Regardless of the level of the alleged crime, criminal charges are always extremely serious. Although felonies tend to yield much more severe punishment, misdemeanors can still result in jail time, significant fines, and many other long-term punishments.

Pedro Law understands that any conviction is life-altering; therefore, Pedro Law employs all resources available to get the best possible results. Cameron B. Pedro works to the protect the rights of all clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyer | Pedro Law | ADVAN Design

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If you are facing a criminal charge without representation, contact Cameron B. Pedro as soon as possible. Pedro Law will protect you and your rights. Learn more about Pedro Law on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.

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