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The quality of loading dock ramps has a significant impact on the productivity of warehouses and other facilities. Ramps need to be safe, functional, and efficient, and if they cannot meet these requirements, they could have a negative impact on the facility’s operation. When forklifts are loading and unloading from trucks all day, your dock ramps need to be able to handle the tremendous workload. Copperloy’s ramps are durable enough to handle an intense workday and more. When compared to other ramps on the market, Copperloy ramps are much more safe and efficient. Many warehouses and other freight-loading facilities have benefited greatly from employing Copperloy ramps.

Copperloy ramps are also extremely resistant to the usual wear and tear. Copperloy is always working to improve their products to reach new heights in longevity and reliability. The one-cylinder design applies less pressure than their two-cylinder ramp counterparts, assisting in quickening raising speeds and improving overall stability. These loading dock ramps lead the industry in quality.

Dock-to-Ground Ramps

Simplifying situations where vehicles travel from grade level to dock height is easy with Copperloy’s dock-to-ground ramps or a mobile yard ramp. In contrast to portable yard ramps, these dock ramps can be used in fixed loading locations for long-term loading and unloading operations. Furthermore, because the ramp goes only from dock height to ground, the hydraulic pump and pneumatic tires are no longer necessary. Customers can also request custom ramps to meet their facilities unique loading dock specifications:

  • Versatility: Copperloy ramps provide widths up to 118 inches and weight capacities up to 30,000 pounds. This allows them to work in almost any application. Furthermore, unlike concrete loading ramps, Copperloy’s dock ramps can be moved when necessary.
  • Low Maintenance: These ramps need very little cleaning and repair. They can be installed quickly and stored easily, making it the perfect piece of loading dock equipment.
  • Safe Handling: To prevent the ramp from sliding off the dock ledge during operation, safety chains and bracket are a staple feature.
  • Durability: Copperloy designs their ramps for durability and longevity. They are capable of withstanding virtually constant use at heavy capacities.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Forklift access is a historically troublesome issue. Copperloy has worked excessively to address this issue and this dedication has given them impeccable results. The low-end plate and safety curb significantly increase safety and functionality. The end plate is much shorter than a forklift’s wheelbase, allowing the front wheels to reach the grating while the back wheels remain on the ground. The 7-inch safety curb exists to prevent runoff. When combined, these two features substantially improve loading and unloading with a forklift.

Copperloy Loading Dock Ramps and Equipment

If you are looking for a safe and versatile loading dock ramps or yard ramps for your warehouse or facility, consider Copperloy’s line of dock-to-ground ramps and other loading dock equipment. Their products will provide the reliability and longevity you need.

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