Components For The Ideal Chevy Transmission Swap

Chevy Transmission Swaps

an example of a chevy transmission crossmemberThe popularity of the Chevy S10 truck cannot be understated. Despite the fact Chevy discontinued production back in 2004, you can still easily find these vehicles at local car shows and on the track. The S10 has the winning combination of being a lightweight vehicle, while still featuring a full-frame. This makes the S10 a perfect candidate for performance builds and transmission swaps.

Due to the sustaining nature of this Chevy truck’s popularity, aftermarket manufacturers have provided new build options. This prolongs the life and viability of owning this classic truck.

There are actually numerous options for performance modification that can seem almost endless. However, the most common modifications among professional and backyard builders are suspension upgrades and engine swaps.

An often overlooked but essential aspect of an S10 LS swap is matching a V8 engine to a transmission that will meet the builder’s needs. A successful swap is dependent upon how a new engine and transmission are integrated into the truck, which was not originally designed for this conversion.

The Best of S10 Conversions

At the forefront of the S10 V8 conversion, the market is transmission swap crossmembers. If you plan to run the strip with a Powerglide or cruise with a 4L80E, Muncie or T56, a crossmember will be needed. When searching for a crossmember, prioritize finding a strong crossmember with the necessary exhaust clearance that builders desire for their V8 and transmission conversion.
A good S10 series crossmember should also bolt directly to the frame with no need for cutting or welding. Crossmembers should always accommodate large diameter performance exhausts. Some have a unique double-hump design, which can make installation swift and easy.

The Need for Motor Mounts

Swapping V8s into S10s has become more popular as the popularity of S10 LS swaps has grown. This necessitates the use of Adjustable LS Conversion Motor Mounts. Adjustable motor mounts conveniently allow placement of your drive train from the stock, or OEM bell housing location, up to 2 inches forward.
By following these guidelines, your LS engine cylinder heads and exhaust headers will clear the firewall as well as other chassis components. In addition, adjustable mounts ensure proper alignment of the engine driveline, even when it’s in the forward position.

Adjustable Transmission Mounts Make Life Easier

A spokesperson showing off a G Force Chevy Transmission CrossmemberThe patented Adjustable Transmission Mount is another popular conversion component for S10 conversions, as well as many other GM vehicles. As with many LS swaps, the transmission must move forward to obtain both firewall and oil pan clearance.

With adjustable transmission mounts, this repositioning can easily be done by adjusting from 1″ up to 2-1/2″, while still retaining your stock transmission crossmember. Using adjustable transmission mounts takes the hassle out of positioning your transmission correctly.

A Range of Chevy Transmission Swaps

The S10 isn’t the only Chevy primed for a transmission swap. Another very popular Chevy vehicle to swap is the Camaro. A swap like this will require a custom Camaro crossmember. These are often designed to install a 4L80E transmission into your ZETA Platform 2010-2015 Chevy Camaro.

The 4L80E Transmission

When it comes to transmissions for General Motors vehicles, one that is often overlooked is the 4L80E Transmission. GM uses this part number to indicate that this is an automatic transmission with four forward speeds that is designed for longitudinal (i.e. RWD) use, which is what the “4L” is telling us. The “80” specifies greater torque capacity (when compared to a more common 60, for example), while the “E” informs us that this is an electronic transmission.

Typically this transmission sees use on larger vehicles, but it can also be used to give a horsepower upgrade to a vehicle like the Camaro.

Chevy Transmissions

As you can see there are a lot of options out there for Chevy fans. No matter what type of Chevy vehicle you own, keeping it working at its peak performance is the best way to ensure that your vehicle will last. If you’re ready to swap out your Chevy transmission for better power and performance, consider finding a reliable and durable crossmember for your Chevy transmission swap.

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