Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Plastic Machining to an Ohio Company

outsource plastic machining

Machined plastic parts play integral roles across the pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical processing and electronics industries. When companies choose plastic parts ahead of metal components, they benefit from products that are easier to move, more intricate in design and less expensive.

Whether you are planning to make the shift from metal to plastic, or you just need to streamline operations, you benefit more from your investment in custom plastic machining when you outsource the manufacturing to an Ohio company, rather than an overseas manufacturer. When you collaborate with the right machine shop, you can implement the right designs and benefit from great quality.

Ohio is home to a diverse range of leading manufacturers, like Jaco Products, a go-to resource for premier computer numerical control (CNC) plastic machining services for more than seven decades. When you need timely manufacturing, you can depend on Jaco Products.

When other plastic machine shops “no quote,” Jaco Products delivers. Customers from across industries look to Jaco Products for tight tolerances and intricate component designs. See below to learn about why it is best to leave your machining needs to an Ohio manufacturer like Jaco Products.

1. The Material Selection Process Is Easier

If you  have done plastic machining in-house in the past, then it is possible you’ve dealt with concerns regarding the authenticity of plastic materials. If you don’t partner with experts, then you can never be completely sure if the plastic materials you implement are what you believe they are and will withstand the stresses of your application.

Different plastic materials withstand stress in different ways. For example, Acetal is exceptionally resistant to mechanical wear and absorbs low levels of moisture while Ultem is particularly resistant to chemical damage and offers significant rigidity. The best way to select the right materials is to partner with experts.

When you decide to outsource your plastic machining, it is also easier to avoid wasting plastic materials. Teams who take on machining projects in-house may deal with the accidental application of excess heat to plastic and the resulting damage.

You also may find it easiest to outsource if your project requires additional services such as painting, surface finishing or bonding. Machining professionals will also be able to implement the best CNC practices and choose the right machine for the job.

2. Outsourcing Plastic Machining is More Efficient Than an In-House Project

If taking on an in-house project involves familiarizing yourself with the plastic machining process, then you are better off leaving your machining to an expert. When you know a company has the expertise and resources, you’ll benefit from timely plastic manufacturing near me.

Keeping the project in Ohio eliminates the need for you to deal with costly and frustrating overseas shipping delays and other setbacks that come with outsourcing a project.

3. Outsourcing Can Provide a Better Value

To get the highest quality parts for your investment, you need to partner with a company that has several years of industry experience. Such a company is more likely to yield the right results than a company taking on a plastic machining project in-house. When you partner with a company with a history of success with customizations similar to yours and indicators of quality such as ISO certifications, you get the most out of your project.

outsource plastic machining

4. Working With an Ohio Plastic Machine Shop Keeps Business in Your Backyard

It may seem like the easy choice to partner with an overseas manufacturer for plastic parts. However, what you gain in affordability, you often sacrifice in value and efficiency. When you partner with an American manufacturer you benefit economies in your community and across the United States.

When you partner with an overseas company, you have to deal with frustrating delivery costs and the delays that can come with long-distance delivery. Going with an Ohio plastic machine shop can help you avoid these.

Collaborating with an Ohio machine shop can also allow you to have a clear understanding of the quality control and safety procedures at play over the course of the manufacturing process.

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When you choose an Ohio plastic machine shop, you eliminate the inconveniences that come with taking on an in-house project, while supporting businesses in your own backyard.

When you partner with Jaco Products, you benefit from a one-stop plastic fabrication solution. Count on this team of manufacturers to implement the most current in manufacturing technology, meet your most stringent design requirements and offer competitive prices.

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