Choosing Rubber Molding Companies in China

If you need rubber molding companies in China to help you with your company needs, then you want to ensure you pick the right choice. Consider what services you need, whether it’s rubber compression molding, rubber transfer molding, or others, and connect with a company that provides such services and more.

The field of rubber molding is constantly evolving, so having a company that stays up-to-date on the latest technology is essential. With these considerations in mind, let’s talk about what Wuxi Aomeite has to offer.

Wuxi Aomeite is One of the Leading Rubber Molding Companies in China

Wuxi Aomeite has a host of services designed to fit a variety of customer needs. They offer custom transfer, injection molding, and compression, and are experts in engineering custom rubber parts. Wuxi leads the industry in rubber molding due to their commitment to getting the job done efficiently, expertly, and for the right price.

This company has a deep understanding of the rubber molding industry, which is why they have the latest in injection molding technology. Wuxi also has plastic technology that allows them to produce custom rubber parts at a quicker rate than other molding companies. This process allows them to maximize efficiency while demonstrating quality workmanship no matter the project.


Rubber Processing Options

Wuxi offers four different types of rubber processing to meet the needs of its customers: rubber compression molding, rubber transfer molding, rubber injection molding, and the rubber mandrel process. Offering all of these services is just part of what makes Wuxi one of the top rubber molding companies in China.

Rubber compression molding is a standard process that is often used for thermoplastic phonograph records, rubber times, and more. It is somewhat limited in its process and therefore is better for hand molds, mostly used for trial runs. Rubber transfer molding is when the charge enters the chamber ahead of the mold cavity. This is where the heating happens, and then pressure is applied that forces the charge into the mold where the curing process occurs.

If this sounds complicated, it’s really quite simple. Rubber transfer molding allows for molding more complex shapes than compression molding, but not injection molding. This process tends to mold with inserts, and it could be the ideal solution for your company’s needs.

The rubber injection molding and rubber mandrel process are the other two types of molding offered by Wuxi. In injection molding, rubber is preheated before it enters the mold, which allows for an easier flow during the process. The presses used in this process require tight clamping, which means products manufactured with injection molding often don’t need extra finishing. This is a great “two in one” process that has the potential to eliminate additional work.

Wuxi continues to improve and build upon their processes, making them a top choice for rubber molding companies in China

About Wuxi Aomeite Seal Technology

Wuxi Aomeite Seal Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1988 initially to meet the needs for silicone rubber. Although they started as a molding company, the company expanded rather quickly, and offers extrusion and hand fabrication services as well. 

Wuxi’s rubber products include silicone tubing, silicone host, conductive silicone rubber tubing, tubular O-rings, and much more. They have worked to diversify their portfolio of products to offer the best possible value for their customers.

Even if you aren’t satisfied with a product or need more information from the Wuxi team, you can trust they will ensure your satisfaction. Their combination of unbeatable customer service and a “Can-Do” attitude has skyrocketed Wuxi to become one of the top rubber molding companies in China. 

Want to learn more about what Wuxi has to offer or get a quote on a project? Visit  today.

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By Published On: January 8, 2021Categories: Rubber Molding

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