Where To Develop Rubber To Metal Bonded Components

Creating rubber to metal bonded components is no simple task, and it requires experts who understand the materials and how to manage them. If you are seeking rubber to metal bonded components, you can trust the team at Qualiform Rubber Molding to get the job done right.

Qualiform is a leading provider of rubber molding solutions and serves dozens of industries in developing the best products on the market. No matter the specifications you’re seeking, this team can get it done right and on time.

Let’s talk a detailed look into how Qualiform develops rubber to metal bonded components.

The Rubber To Metal Bonded Components Process

There are two main processes that Qualiform uses when developing rubber to metal components: rubber injection molding and transfer molding. These processes form strong mechanical bonds to metal parts and inserts, making them the best for the adherence of rubber to metal and plastic.

Before the Qualiform team can mold the rubber, they need to prepare it in two steps. First, the rubber needs to be degreased to remove any dirt or potential contaminants. Once it’s been degreased, the team can apply a heat-activated adhesive to the metal which then allows them to begin the overmolding process.

Once the preparation work is complete, then the parts can begin to take shape. The parts are placed into a mold cavity and sometimes secured with magnets. For complete encapsulation, the metal is secured with chaplet pins. And once these steps are taken, it’s time to create rubber to metal bonded components.

So what exactly is rubber molding? It’s a process that involves increasing the temperature in the cavity gradually so that the rubber can curate and the adhesive can be activated. What this does is allow the rubber to create a mechanical bond with the metal. And, once the rubber is cooled, the team then removes the finished part from the mold cavity. 

After the rubber is removed, the process starts all over again. This is a fast, effective way to craft rubber to metal bonded components.


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About Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC, is an industry leader in rubber to metal molding and custom rubber molding processes. Their team is committed to quality and service in the industry, which means they take on complex projects that others shy away from. This is the team to contact when you need rubber to metal bonded components. 

Qualiform is committed to innovation and pursuing the best technology in the industry. It’s why they recently added a Barwell Performer to upgrade their compression molding service. This equipment allows for tighter tolerances on weight and increased capacity during the process. Qualiform also strives to be more conscious of their waste, and is currently installing a new lighting system in their facility. This will cut energy costs by about 50%! This is just one of many examples of how Qualiform strives to lead the industry and serve its customers in the best way possible. 

Qualiform offers a number of services including rubber extrusions, rubber recycling stars, rubber injection molding, custom rubber molding, rubber compression molding, and more. They are also happy to provide engineering and design support to all customers, so that you understand their processes every step of the way. So whether its creating rubber to metal bonded components to your specifications, or a different rubber molded application, this is the best in the business. 

This team is happy to have served the industry for decades with the best in rubber manufacturing. They serve a number of industries including the medical industry, automotive, transportation, lawn and garden, and much more.

Ready to move forward with Qualiform on your next project? Visit https://qualiformrubbermolding.com/ today.

By Published On: February 15, 2021Categories: Rubber Molding

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