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Top 5 Reasons to Count on Wedge Products Metal Stamping Services

When you need metal stamping manufacturers that outdo their competitors every time, look no further than Wedge Products. Wedge is an Ohio-based, custom metal stamper you can trust. Wedge has all of the services you’d expect from experienced metal stamping manufacturers such as deep-drawn stamping, design and prototyping, stamping, production, in-house tooling, and assembly. Wedge is one of the few facilities in the U.S. that produce metal stamping products at the high level of quality that they do, on time, and at a competitive price.

Wedge Products supplies a variety of industries with metal stamping parts such as hardware, bearings, and gas distribution. These metal stamping experts have sustained and increased growth by consistently exceeding the expectations of their clients. Wedge’s highly trained technical staff is capable of meeting specific engineering criteria and strict deadlines. Their reputation for best-in-class service and consistency has also allowed them to evolve from a small tool and die shop to a niche-market supplier, serving both national and international clients. Wedge regularly demonstrates that they are a top supplier of customized metal stamping services.

  1. Wedge Products Consistently Upgrades Their Equipment

Wedge consistently invests in more advanced technology and machinery to set them up in the metal stamping manufacturing world. They have recently acquired new press lines, packaging lines, and assembly equipment. In addition, the operators themselves perform the press set-ups, contributing to overall productivity and more innovative processes than their competition.

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2. Wedge Builds Better Vendor Relationships

With their extensive time in the industry, Wedge Products has built a strong relationship with its suppliers. The focus on loyalty to their vendor base provides benefits like prompt delivery of high-grade materials, even in tough market conditions. These benefits trickle down to their customers, because their industrial stamping equipment is always ready in perfect condition. Wedge’s strong relationships with their vendors allow them to meet high-stakes customer demands that match or exceed industry requirements. Years of cementing relationships with their suppliers also give Wedge the knowledge of who can offer the best quality materials to create metal stamping components for their customers.

3. The Best Customer Service in the Metal Stamping Industry

When it comes to working with customers, Wedge always strives to maintain consistent contact to ensure clear communication for any possible challenges. Taking an active role in making the customer’s life easier has led Wedge to further improved procedures that increase customer productivity. Wedge knows exactly what questions to ask to understand exactly what their customer needs, ensuring satisfaction no matter how challenging the request.

4. A Great Metal Stamping Company to Work For

Wedge Products is able to provide impeccable working conditions. Since their team feels taken care of, they are able to offer this same level of care to clients.

Employees at Wedge receive a full benefits package, and when combined with the best available metal stamping facility, Wedge is an incredible metal stamping company to work for. The goal is that their machine operators take responsibility for the quality that comes from their stations, allowing them pride in their work and meet customer demands.

Wedge keeps its promises to vendors, employees, and customers every time.  The combination of high-quality metal stamped products combined with passion and consistent improvement has been a recipe for success. Anyone looking for metal stamping services should look no further than Wedge. They’ll work with you closely to ensure you are satisfied with your product and the entire process leading up to receiving it.

5. In Business Since 1933 Providing High Quality Products

Companies around the world count on Wedge Products to create reliable stamped products with on-time delivery and competitive pricing since 1933. They offer a full range of metal stamping services, so we can fulfill the requirements of almost any application you might throw our way. Thanks to our state-of-the-art, 110,000 square foot facility, Wedge offers efficient, precision metal and plastic stamping with many options for materials and thicknesses. With our many years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as one of the leading deep-draw metal stamping manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is always a central goal of Wedge Products, so our management team works tirelessly to fulfill the needs of all our customers. You can rely on Wedge to get you the quality metal stamped components you need with exceptional quality and performance standards.

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Wedge Products, founded in 1933, now operates from a purpose-built, 80,000 square foot facility, which opened in 1999. This building houses Wedge’s administrative headquarters, manufacturing plant, and engineering and design facility. When you need better metal stamping services, visit the experts at

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