Rubber To Metal Molding Manufacturing

If you need high-quality rubber to metal molding manufacturing, look to Qualiform Rubber Molding. They are an industry leader of rubber to metal molding and other rubber manufacturing services such as custom rubber molding, rubber to metal bonding, compression molding, and more.

Qualiform uses injection and transfer molding for encapsulation, and bonding of rubber to metal. In the industry, this is the best method for adhering rubber to metal or plastic. It creates sturdy mechanical bonds to metal parts, and inserts comparison to other processes within rubber manufacturing.

This is truly an industry leader for rubber to metal molding. Let’s explore more about Qualiform’s process.

Qualiform Rubber To Metal Molding Process

Qualiform’s rubber to metal molding process is efficient and reliable. It is a simple two steps that produces the result you need. First, they degrease the metal and clean off any possible contaminants. Once cleaned, they spray heat-activated adhesive on the metal. After these steps, the part is fully prepped for rubber molding.

Next, the metal parts are put into a mold cavity. When they are molding a specific part or area of the metal, the metal is secured using magnets. But if the entire part is being encapsulated, the metal is held by chaplet pins. Once this is done, the rubber molding process begins!

When it comes to the molding portion, first the temperature is gradually increased in order to cure the rubber and also activate the adhesive that was previously placed on the metal part. This ensures that the rubber will form a mechanical bond to the metal part. It is truly the most reliable technique in the industry and ensures that whatever product is being made, it’s made to last.

Why Choose Qualiform?

When it comes to companies that do rubber to metal molding, Qualiform Rubber Molding stands out as leader in both quality and process. In fact, they are one of only a few rubber molding companies that are certified to ISO 9001:2015. What does this mean? It means that Qualiform can create rubber parts for a wide range of industries. They are known for supplying quality components to electronics companies, healthcare, aerospace, and more.

When you work with Qualiform, you choose a product of value that can tackle the task you need. The Qualiform team takes time to understand your needs and part requirements before they begin the rubber to metal molding process, or whatever process you need. This deep understanding is part of what makes these parts so accurate — they are truly built for you. 

About Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC, is an industry leader in rubber to metal molding, and all types of custom rubber molding. Their facility is on a 3-shift, 24 hour schedule. This means they can offer competitive pricing and a flexible schedule. Plus, if you need quick turnaround on a project, this is the solution for you. 

Qualiform, LLC, can tackle your project from the very beginning. They specialize in molding a variety of elastomers. Their qualified staff understands how to choose the best process, find durable materials, and get to molding. So whether you need rubber extrusions, rubber transfer molding, custom rubber grommets, and more, this team can take care of it. 

Qualiform is constantly innovating. Recently, the team added a Barwell Performer to upgrade their compression molding. By using this new system, they can hold tighter tolerances on weight and increased capacity. They understand that to be successful in the long-term, it’s critical to invest in the newest technology. Qualiform is also currently installing new lighting in their facility. What this means is that their energy costs will be cut by 50%!

 Ready to work with this industry-leader in rubber to metal molding? Visit today.

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