Transmission Swaps

Transmission swaps are the process of switching the transmission in your vehicle from the original transmission to a transmission not originally offered for the car. Knowing the transmission specs and tech info is crucial to having a successful transmission swap. Compatibility is also important when it comes to the equipment used in machinery, especially something as significant as a car or truck.

Transmission swaps can be performed to go from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission. You can also improve performance from transmission swaps. If you were looking for a shorter overdrive but longer gears, that would be attainable with a 700R4 transmission. You can have the vehicle that you envision with this upgrade of equipment.

Transmission Specs and Tech Info

Whether your car is taking a manual or automatic transmission, there are some key specifications to accurately measure so you can get your swap right the first time.

Manual Transmission Swap Specifications

Let’s look at some aspects you will notice when looking at manual transmission swap specifications.

Bellhousing to End of Tail

transmission manual transmission swap specifications kitThe bellhousing is the part of the transmission that covers the flywheel and the clutch. The tail, or tail rotor drive shaft, is measured from the end of it to the bellhousing for this measurement.

Splines Input/ Output

Splines are used to transfer torque and rotation, they are located on a drive shaft and have teeth or ridges that fit into grooves, and that’s where torque is transferred. To find out what you need, go to your input shaft and count the grooves on the part that turns, so you don’t count on the stater.

Automatic Transmission Technical Info and Swap Specifications


So much of finding the right transmission is about measurements that set the parameters of what is possible. The overall length will be the largest measurement and is useful in finding the right sized transmission.

Bellhousing to Mount

mount for transmission manual transmission swap specificationsThe transmission mount is one of the drivetrain mounts on a vehicle. Bellhousing to mount means the measurement between those two parts of your vehicle.


Both manual and automatic transmissions have splines. The higher the number of splines means the tighter they will mesh together, so the more splines you have the stronger the result is.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you have the information for your transmission swap, you are probably asking “what’s next?” are upgrading the power of your vehicle, be sure that you are not developing weak points in it. Weak points from a vehicle being upgraded are because the other aspects of your vehicle were made for a specific level of power. So, with this new and increased power level, the rest of your vehicle might not handle the load well. A more broad upgrade to your vehicle is necessary for safety reasons.

With the right company that specializes in vehicle equipment swaps, you can find the best swap kits for a seamless process. You can also find kits for motor swaps and engine swaps if you want an all around upgrade.

Transmission swaps can be performed by yourself or by an outside professional, but having the right equipment is the best way to start your transmission swap endeavor.

By Published On: January 6, 2022Categories: GForce Performance Products

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