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Hand holding unpotted plant | Nursery marketingIn today’s nursery world, having an outstanding online presence and nursery web design is the key to be successful. Most customers research a business online before they visit the store or make a purchase online. Guaranteeing a user-friendly experience with strong marketing advertising will attract new users daily.

If you’re worried that your nursery has had the same customers over the past few years, consider enhancing your nursery web design to attract new customers and improve your online presence.

Check out the following 8 easy ways to grow your nursery web design.

#1 Register Your Nursey With Google My Business

Google My Business is a free online program that allows business owners to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Map features. Because most people research a business before buying from them, the chances of someone coming across your website without Google are slim.

Google My Business helps you to become more recognizable when a user searches for a keyword related to your business, such as ‘nursery near me.’

#2 Think About Search Engine Optimization

Person pointing to data on screen | Nursery marketing planSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, goes hand in hand with enhancing your nursery marketing plan. There are a few different SEO strategies you can apply to your nursery marketing plan.

The key to attracting users to your website is to have a visually appealing web design that accurately reflects your brand and making sure the user experience is hassle-free.

#3 Have Important Information Obtainable

All important information should be easily accessible somewhere on your homepage. This information should be convenient to find and not cluttered, either.

You can include things here such as contact information, location, and a link to your most popular items or services. If you’re one of the largest nursery industry providers of mums in the fall, consider including a link about them on this page.

#4 Create an Engaging Blog

Having a blog on your website is another good way to connect with your users and establish more of your online presence. As a nursery, you obviously sell plants and landscaping services, but maybe not all of your customers know how to pot a plant. You can use your blog to post how-to videos about repotting plants or how to take care of their water features at home.

Use your blog to its full potential to connect with new and current customers while also building your nursery marketing.

#5 Share on Social Media

List of social media | Nursery marketing planSocial media is constantly growing and evolving, so it’s important to hop on the trend soon. There are approximately 3.2 billion social media users worldwide. That number alone should be enough of a reason to invest your time in creating social media profiles.

You can post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Twitter to boost your nursery marketing plan. Posting different content on each social media platform will help you look even more active and improve your SEO rankings.

#6 Advertise Promotions

While it’s ideal to want your customers to interact because they want to, it’s okay if you have to offer promotions to attract them. Everybody loves a good deal, so don’t be afraid to offer discounted items or services.

Social Media platforms are a great place to advertise your promotions and to gauge your customer’s interest.

#7 Host a Gardening Competition

It may sound silly, but hosting a variety of gardening competitions is a fun way to get your local customers engaged. You could host a fairy garden decorating competition, or who can plant the most seeds in 1 minute. No matter what you choose, customers can come out and have fun while also supporting your business.

Just when you thought this step wasn’t related to your online presence, there’s more you can do! Advertise these competitions on your social media channels, blog, and website. This will make it easier for users to find the information, and also share it with friends and family who may be interested too.

#8 Promote Email Subscriptions

By collecting email addresses, you’ll slowly build a network of customers to send exciting updates and promotions to. If you haven’t guessed the theme of these steps so far, everything is related to building your nursery marketing plan, and this is just one more step.

Be creative with your emails too! If you just launched a new product on one of your product pages, instead of telling customers what the new product is in the email, send them the link to the page. This way, they have to visit your website to see the product, further increasing your online presence.

Go Flourish!

Now that you’re equipped with these 8 simple steps to enhance your nursery web design, you’re ready to grow! Never stop striving for the best nursery marketing plan, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful online presence.

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