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If you are searching for polyaspartic garage floor coating cost to compare pricing for your new flooring, look no further. Ohio Garage Interiors is one of the leading epoxy garage floor installation companies. In fact, they offer the most value for your dollar for high-strength flooring.

Ohio residents are all too familiar with Ohio’s intense and everchanging weather, and this environment is particularly tough on bare concrete floors. In fact, Ohio weather presents a litany of hazards for garage flooring. So, installing reliable polyaspartic garage floor coatings is crucial for protecting your floor.

Most people think of foot and car traffic as the main causes of garage flooring damage. However, Ohio garage flooring also encounters temperature and humidity fluctuation as well as thaw cycles, which causes expanding, shrinking, and cracking. Concrete will also absorb most materials that reach the surface such as dirt, dust, stains, chemicals, oils, fuels, and more.

At OGI, they offer unmatched experience in the development of high-strength flooring solutions. In fact, OGI designs their polyaspartic floor coatings specifically for the Ohio garage climate. Their epoxy floor coatings consist of polyaspartic polyurea, which offers exceptional strength and protection for concrete floors. As a result, OGI can defend your floor from dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salts, corrosive chemicals, and even industrial-strength abrasions.

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Polyaspartic garage floor coating cost

OGI garage flooring solutions give Ohio homeowners both the best value and quality for their money. If you have been looking for garage flooring services in Ohio, you have probably seen companies claiming they can install flooring in just 24 hours. These services seem convenient at first; however, one-day installations are rushed and imprecise while costing $3 more per square foot.

As a result, your new floor will quickly form many unsightly defects. Most importantly, these defects will require you to spend even more money on expensive repairs and maintenance. When you choose OGI flooring, however, you receive thorough, two-day professional installation services, preventing any defects and costly maintenance. In fact, OGI’s two-day installation ensures the epoxy will fully cure and provide the best protection possible.

Ohio Garage Interiors polyaspartic garage floor coating cost starts at $6.95 per square foot. OGI also offers many discounts for installations in spaces 600 square feet or larger. So, Ohio homeowners can protect their garage flooring without breaking the bank. Here is an example of OGI discounts:

  • 600 sq ft or more – 10% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 900 sq ft – 15% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 1,200 sq ft – 20% Discount on Price of flooring
  • 2,500 sq ft – 25% Discount on Price of flooring
In addition, OGI has a minimum of 400sqft or $2500 for polyaspartic garage flooring installations.

Avoid low-quality alternatives

Natural stone flooring

There are many misleading ads that claim nature stone flooring is the strongest and most cost-effective flooring option. In fact, many companies offer prices as low as 99 cents per square foot. However, this pricing is far from the truth. Natural stone flooring presents a wide variety of hidden costs that companies often avoid mentioning to their customers:

  • Preparation and installation add significant costs to the square footage.
  • The texture of natural stone flooring results in much higher maintenance costs.
  • Natural stone companies often threaten customers with loss of warranty if they do not pay for costly, professional cleaning annually.
  • Mold and mildew buildup are a common issue with naturestone flooring, further increasing maintenance needs.
  • Ohio’s weather makes wear more frequent and results in more costly maintenance.
  • Cleaning is difficult and time-consuming.

DIY epoxy floor kits

DIY epoxy kits and floor paints are very popular among Ohio homeowners. You can find these kits in virtually any home improvement store, so they are uniquely convenient for anyone searching for a quick flooring option. The initial pricing is also much cheaper than other flooring solutions.

However, this low pricing foreshadows many extra costs down the line. Although DIY epoxy coatings offer some protection, their strength cannot compare to high-performance polyurea polyaspartic flooring systems.

If you want to install reliable flooring that will protect the underlying concrete for years after application, Ohio Garage Interiors offers the finest flooring services in Northeast Ohio.

4 reasons to install OGI polyaspartic garage flooring

Polypaspartic coatings are easier and safer to clean:

OGI polyaspartic flooring has an impermeable top coat, so it keeps dirt, dust, stains, and other debris from sinking into the floor. It is also slip-resistant when wet, so cleaning your garage floor is safe and easy.

OGI flooring offers superior protection and longevity along with low maintenance requirements:

OGI designs their flooring solutions to offer the highest strength and longevity, so they can protect your garage floor from a comprehensive range of potential hazards. Mold, mildew, flooding, road salts, corrosive chemicals, and impacts are no match for OGI flooring. So, your flooring will look better and last longer without expensive maintenance.

Choose from many customizable options to personalize your floor design:

OGI offers customers the unique opportunity to get creative with the design of their new garage flooring. They offer a full catalog of customizable options for each project. Choose from various flake colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns for OGI’s DecoFlake systems and create the perfect style for your garage.

Free in-home inspections and quotes:

If you are looking to install flooring but do not know exactly what you need, you can contact OGI to schedule a free in-home inspection. OGI will send one of their expert contractors to inspect your flooring and give you a quote free of charge. You can also send in photos of your flooring if you do not have room in your schedule for an in-person inspection.

About Ohio Garage Interiors | Polyaspartic garage floor coating cost

Ohio Garage Interiors is leading flooring installation contractor and an entirely locally owned and operated company. Chad & Scott Gleske founded OGI to give Ohio homeowners a reliable, cost-effective option for garage flooring. Now, OGI maintains its position as a leader in garage flooring solutions for Northeast Ohio.

OGI recognizes that the best flooring solutions require expert staff, quality, materials, and high-precision installation techniques. So, they use only the best products available in the flooring industry in combination with thorough, two-day installation services.

OGI’s industry connections also give them access to valuable insider knowledge on new equipment and installation advancements. As a result, Ohio residents can install the high-quality garage flooring they need.

If you are looking to install garage flooring in Northeast Ohio, contact the experts at OGI today or visit their website at

Ohio Garage Interiors | Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating Cost

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