Customize an Epoxy Floor and Turn Your Garage Into a Showroom

Are you frustrated dealing with cracking and staining of your current concrete garage floor? Where a plain cement floor can limit the look and function of your space, epoxy garage floor coatings can help you create a garage showroom. An epoxy garage floor coating can provide the ideal way to show off a new car or provide an impressive, functional space for your automotive hobby.

Homeowners from across the Northeast Ohio community count on the experts from Ohio Garage Interiors for stunning transformations. You can depend on this dedicated team for thorough showroom garage floor installation, professional-grade materials and a commitment to quality. You can learn more about how the Ohio Garage Interiors team could add to your next project by visiting the company website.

Why Should You Go With an Epoxy Showroom Garage Floor?

The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in any home. Whether you want to use your space for auto restoration, repair or display, you want a flooring solution that can offer the right look and reliable durability. With a custom epoxy garage floor coating, you can have both.

Epoxy flooring allows for many customization possibilities. Implement decorative flake blends, metallic finishes, custom colors and more to reflect your home improvement vision.

An epoxy garage floor not only looks great, but it also withstands drop impact, foot traffic and chemical wear over years of use.

Epoxy garage floor coatings are particularly resistant to the buildup of both mold and mildew. This can be especially helpful for families dealing with allergies or asthma. These solutions are also notable for withstanding the buildup of road salt. For Northeast Ohio homeowners, in particular, this is an unbeatable feature.

However, it is important to remember that an investment in a showroom garage floor can only provide its fullest value when you partner with professionals rather than taking on a DIY project. Professional installers have access to high-grade materials, while DIY installation kits often leave a floor particularly vulnerable to cracking and other damage in the long run that can become frustrating and costly.

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Preparing for Your Garage Transformation

You may have been focusing on how a new epoxy garage floor will look and how you will use your space after installation. However, to create a true garage showroom, you should dedicate some time to making sure your garage is in top shape.

First, it is important to get rid of as much clutter in your garage as you can and decide which things to keep, sell, donate or toss. Next, get your garage as clean as possible and check to make sure all garage doors, windows and other fixtures are functioning correctly.

Then, take a look at your garage’s current storage layout and decide if you will need to invest in any new cabinets or shelves. Will you need to buy any new containers to get the right storage setup for your new space?

When you set aside the time to prepare your space before the installation process begins, you can get the most out of your home improvement project and reflect your vision as effectively as possible.

Choosing the Right Floor Color for Your Garage Showroom

Making plans to turn your garage into a showroom can be exciting, but trying to choose the right color for your epoxy floor can be a challenge. However, when you take the time to consider your goals for your home improvement project, you can decide on a color that can truly bring your vision into reality.

How will you be using your garage? If you just plan to use the space for parking cars, then it may be best to choose a dark color like charcoal gray or black. Darker shades will more effectively hide grease marks, tire tracks and other marks than lighter options. However, light colors are often ideal for homes near sand or light-colored soil.

How often are you willing to maintain an epoxy garage floor? Dirt and other debris are especially visible over coatings that are light in color. These floors can often require more intense care to look presentable than floors of darker shades.

Think about the style, layout and colors of your home. Do you want a look that matches? Working with a team of installation professionals can provide you access to an extensive selection of custom colors.

Consider the current lighting setup in your garage. When a significant amount of natural light fills a garage, a metallic-look floor can often create a glare. For a garage with poor lighting, choose a light-colored floor. This will reflect natural light and make the floor appear larger than its actual size, and eliminate the need to keep artificial light sources in your space.

Connect With the Team From Ohio Garage Interiors Today

Have you been planning to create your ideal garage showroom with custom epoxy flooring? When you partner with the dedicated team of installation professionals from Ohio Garage Interiors, you can transform your space at the right value.

Why should you partner with Ohio Garage Interiors for your next project? Among flooring installers in the Northeast Ohio community, Ohio Garage Interiors distinguishes itself by not using subcontractors. The company maintains the most experienced staff possible to provide superior value. In addition, customers choose Ohio Garage Interiors for the company’s exclusive twenty-year warranty against both peeling and delamination.

The Ohio Garage Interiors team commits to a thorough, 2-day floor installation process to allow professional-grade materials ample time to acclimate to a home’s specific environment. Allowing two days for curing rather than rushing through a project in a single day prevents gaps and buckling in a garage floor and allows the customer to benefit from the optimal value.

You can count on the experts from Ohio Garage Interiors for professional-grade materials and thorough installation. Reach out to the Ohio Garage Interiors today for a free quote and set up an in-home inspection. Visit today to get your next project going.

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