The Ford Cummins Swap Will Improve Your Ride

ford cummins swap

Despite Ford trucks’ luxurious interiors, their engines were not always highly regarded. That’s what made the Ford Cummins swap a popular solution over the years. Over time, engine problems with the Ford Powerstroke 6.0 became well known. Experts believed that most of these issues stemmed from the original design of the engine.

A Few Of The Common Concerns:

  • Compliance with emissions standards by the factory EGR system
  • 6.0 head studs have insufficient clamping force, causing blown head gaskets
  • HPOP failure
  • Injector stiction
  • Clogged oil coolers
  • FICM failure

Though everyone considered the 6.0 the “problem child,” the 6.4 was not enough of an improvement in the EGR system. There were corrosion issues with the fuel system, as well as cracks in the turbo pipes and oiling issues. Because of these reasons, many people opt to install a Cummins engine in their Ford truck. If you want the interior space of Ford trucks with the reliability of Cummins engines, a Fummins swap kit is an excellent option. They are both powerful, easy to use, and affordable. Ford Cummins conversions or “Fummins” swaps are ideal diesel conversions for Ford trucks.

Why The Cummins?

In 1989, Dodge began outsourcing production of its heavy-duty truck motors to the world-renowned company Cummins, resulting in the Cummins 6BT. Starting in 1989, Dodge began using the Cummins 5.9L motor in its RAM trucks. The truck was built around the engine, which allowed them to meet all customer expectations.  As originally available, the diesel had a mechanical Bosch VE injection pump, which was reliable but underpowered compared to today’s standards. The first RAM truck was well suited to the motor because it had 160hp and 400 ft-lb of torque.

This first-generation motor can be swapped fairly easily thanks to the mechanical Bosch VE injection pump and mechanical timing, which require only one electrical hookup and one fuel hookup. The 5.9L Cummins engine is a sluggish engine in stock form, but it can produce over 600 horsepower when properly modified.

Simplicity was a hallmark of the Cummins engine. Since most components were mechanical, the 12V version required only a few wires to run. With the electronics and other issues removed, the engine becomes simple and reliable, and can be swapped into anything that can support its weight.

Ford Cummins Aftermarket

Cummins Conversion components enjoy a thriving aftermarket due to their popularity. Cummins Motor Mounts are very popular. Here are the parts that make a Fummins swap possible:

  • Adapter kits for transmissions that include a transmission adapter plate and a flexplate
  • Swap kits
  • Exhaust systems
  • Fuel components
  • Cooling system components
  • Motor mounts
  • Wiring
  • Sensors

A spokesperson showing off a G Force Transmission Crossmember


Cummins’ 12 valve engine is the simplest of the group. The 24V Cummins was introduced in 1998 and is more powerful, but its electronics are more complex. In 2003, the Commonrail Cummins was released, which had a high-pressure fuel rail. These engines are all excellent candidates for a Ford Cummins swap. However, you will need a Ford Cummins conversion kit for the swap to work. It was the most popular in the 6.0 Ford truck, however, some enthusiasts swapped Fummins into 7.3 and 6.4 Ford trucks as well. Adapters for Ford 5R110 automatic transmissions, Allison 1000 transmissions, and early Chevy transmissions are also available.


The Cummins Conversion would be difficult without an adapter kit to mount a Cummins to a Ford, Chevy, or Allison transmission. Motor mounts and other parts simplify the swap. Some companies offer complete Cummins swap kits. These kits may seem expensive, but they save time and frustration in the long run.

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