Looking For City Bus Driver Training?

City bus driver training is an important part of facilitating safety and security on the road, so you want to choose a course you can trust. When it comes to selecting training, keep in mind what benefits or features you might need. You might want a company that produces more than just city bus driver training, so you can expand your skills with time. You may also want a company that allows you to request a free webinar or example of the course so you understand exactly what you’re purchasing.


Luckily, with TAPTCO, you’ll get these innovative features and much more. TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company is a leading provider of bus driving safety courses and was created by performance improvement experts who understand the industry. When you need comprehensive city bus driver training, TAPTCO is the answer.

Courses By TAPTCO

TAPTCO offers a variety of courses, which is part of what makes this company an industry leader. They offer both transit and paratransit operator development courses. These courses have more than 28 video’s (per course) that train you for different scenarios and general basics of the road. You’ll learn skills such as best safety practices, adverse driving conditions, and preventing collisions. This is truly one-of-a-kind city bus driver training.

What else does TAPTCO offer? They have a safety leadership course that teaches leaders how to create safety norms. Normas are the “normal” way that employees behave in the workplace, and are far more advantageous than setting rules. When you create safe norms, people will act safe on instinct, creating a quality experience. This is much more powerful than simply listing a set of rules, because it sets a standard for everyone to follow, naturally.

TAPTCO also has a trainer certification process. This is a course to teach managers how to select the best trainers who will train new and old hires on workplace policies and procedures. Trainers are an essential part of creating workplace culture, so you want to be sure you select candidates who meet these expectations. This course is a complete toolkit that helps you interview, test, promote, and prepare the best candidates to become professional driver trainers.

In this kit, you’ll find written exams, skills proficiency tests, structured interviews, three developmental courses, and more. This is a great course to add to your workplace. It sets a standard for new employees and will help you build a culture of safety and respect.

As you can tell, TAPTCO offers the best in city bus driver training and more. Don’t hesitate to utilize this company’s professional resources to fuel your career.

Online Advantages

Another advantage to TAPTCO is that their courses are available via DVD, thumb drive, or from their online learning management system.

Online delivery means you can access the programs from any location, and it also means you can easily track your training. TAPTCO understands that you’re busy, and that making their courses easily accessible is beneficial for their customer base. Plus, TAPTCO offers a free 20-minute webinar that explains the benefits of their courses and why they are the best in the business. So, if you’re still undecided about where to go for city bus driver training, you can have a complete overview of what they offer with this free service.

About TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company

For more than 30 years, TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company has designed award-winning bus driver training programs. These programs lead the industry and have served special industries such as fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design, and media production.

TAPTCO has several options for training courses that give a comprehensive overview of the industry. It’s why so many companies have trusted TAPTCO’s training, and why you should look to them for city bus driver training. 

Ready to get started or want to learn more? Visit https://taptco.com/ today.


By Published On: January 11, 2021Categories: Bus Driver Training Courses

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