Pass the CDL Written Test with the Help of TAPTCO

The Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) is now offering CDL Written Test Training Courses for anyone in need of a commercial driver’s license. It can be a challenge to mold CDL applicants into certified bus drivers, and many exceptional applicants have fallen short due to difficulties with the written test. TAPTCO is making the effort to change that with these training courses.

Jeff Cassell, President of TAPTCO, has two decades of experience, making countless people safer in his time. First and foremost, Cassell wanted to make sure that children are safe on the bus. He spearheaded the installation of more than 38,000 crossing gates on school buses; furthermore, he was the first to make a major application of the Child Checkmate System, a system designed to confirm drivers look for sleeping children on the bus.

Cassell was also Vice President of Corporate Risk Management for the Laidlaw Group, prior to his current position at TAPTCO. He took charge with all operational and safety programs for over 38,000 school bus drivers and 6,500 transit vehicles. By reducing their accident rate by over 72 percent, Laidlaw reduced costs from losses by $40 million per year thanks to Cassell’s leadership.

TAPTCO’s CDL Written Test Training

This training course uses a myriad of high-quality safety videos with a wide range of subjects. TAPTCO has been creating praiseworthy training programs for more than twenty years, winning multiple awards in the process. These courses were designed with the goal of reducing accidents and improving the safety of bus drivers and their passengers. In addition to the videos, the training program comes with test booklets, drivers’ guides and trainers’ guides.

Thanks to this program’s tools, the process for CDL applicants has become much more efficient. In the past, applicants had trouble passing the written test, losing out on the opportunity. Today, however, the majority of them will pass the test on their first attempt, proving the reliability of TAPTCO’s training.

CDL training isn’t the only program TAPTCO offers, though. They also offer traing courses for safety leadership, bullying prevention and the transportation of children with special needs. There are also videos for children ranging from ages pre-K to sixth. These videos teaches the kids important lessons on how to secure their own safety as well as the safety of their classmates or anyone else on the bus.

TAPTCO’s experienced staff has created a invaluable tool for improving the safety of children and other passengers of buses and transit vehicles. CDL applicants now have a simpler process than ever to become certified, and the quality of training they receive is incomparable. Anyone interested in obtaining a CDL has something to gain from utilizing TAPTCO’s CDL Written Test Training Course.

By Published On: May 24, 2017Categories: Bus Driver Training Courses

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