Why Is It So Important To Test Emergency Lights?

No one expects workplace fires, power supply failures, or other emergencies. When the lights go out in a facility, teams depend on emergency lighting to show the safest way out. Is your emergency lighting system up to code? Would you consider your lighting inspection system efficient? Testing your emergency lighting systems regularly is essential to keeping your workplace safe.

It’s easy to walk by light fixtures in an office every day without thinking of them. But without emergency lighting installations, your office could turn into a danger zone fast. You don’t want to find out your lighting is faulty once you find yourself in the dark.

No matter the size of your workplace, manual lighting inspections are simply not the best method. Manual inspections only leave room for workers to forget an inspection, miss a lighting fixture on a route, make data mistakes, and waste time overcorrecting. These and other setbacks become especially costly in the event of an emergency.

You can keep your emergency lighting systems in compliance with all relevant regulations when you implement automated emergency lighting inspection software in your facility. The technology maximizes workplace safety while cutting down on time-consuming inspections and repairs.


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What About Regulations for Emergency Lighting Systems?

Emergency lighting regulations vary depending on region and industry. However, many properties in the United States must abide by the NFPA 70. The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets the standards for electrical safety in different types of buildings.

There are certain aspects of lighting code compliance you must consider as a business owner. This includes the watt intensity of the lights in your building, and how long these lights can provide illumination.

It’s challenging to keep lighting in a building up to code if you are in the process of transferring operations to another country or have dealt with violations in the past. However, when you implement an automated workplace safety asset inspection system, you can save time and repair costs and maximize safety in your workplace.

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Reach Out to InspectNTrack and Maximize Workplace Safety

When you keep your emergency lighting up to code, you keep your workplace safe. Businesses across industries trust InspectNTrack to keep their inspections compliant and up to speed, which alleviates the burden of manual inspections.

InspectNTrack’s  emergency lighting inspection software is a barcode-driven asset inspection app that    documents, tracks, and schedules inspections of multiple workplace assets, including emergency lighting systems. The app allows users to customize routes, inspect moveable assets with ease, trigger follow-up actions upon asset inspection failure, and more.

Teams using InspectNTrack solutions benefit from user-friendly, color-coded interfaces, rapid barcode scanning, durable hardware, and superior speed and accuracy of asset inspections. InspectNTrack offers a comprehensive workplace safety asset inspection solution to businesses across a diverse range of industries. Not only does the innovation deliver across multiple fields, but also offers compatibility with iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

To find out what the exclusive InspectNTrack app could add to your facility, visit https://inspecttrack.com/ today.

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