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Butech Bliss has over 135 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing the world’s highest roller leveling cut-to-length line. They also are experts in stretch leveling cut-to-length lines, temper mill cut-to-length lines, coil slitting lines, and more. Their expertise and innovation helps service centers and toll processors have a more productive workday. 

Butech Bliss strives to be the only stop you’ll ever need to make when it comes to high-end metal forming equipment. Coil slitting lines are a reasonably new market for Butech Bliss, but with their attention to detail and customization, they’ve managed to perform outstanding engineering.  Mastering this niche manufacturing market and perfecting their craft hasn’t been easy, but no challenge is too great for an experienced metals industry leader.

Combining Experience with Innovation in Their Coil Slitting Lines

Butech Bliss designs and builds completely customized stretch level cut-to-length coil slitting lines for each of their customer’s unique and specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a discrete plate stretcher or a coil-to-sheet stretcher, they have the engineering capabilities to meet your needs.

For over 135 years Butech Bliss has supplied over 150 stretch levelers for processing everything from aluminum plates for the aircraft industry, to extruded products, treadmill plates, hot-rolled, HRPO, and cold rolled steels  — including low carbon and high strength steels.

With the acquisition of a new facility, Butech Bliss is expanding their product line to include coil slitting lines, in addition to their metal forming equipment. Expanding operations into manufactured slitting lines is a natural next step for Butech Bliss. Butech Bliss strives to offer more and more of the best options the metal forming industry has to offer for over a century.

As a premium supplier of coil slitting lines, Butech Bliss prides itself on improving traditional designs by providing innovative solutions to the traditional products, tasks, and hazards that have been used previously. Butech Bliss provides patented solutions that enable this efficiency while also pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered to be impossible on a slitting line.

Past and Future of Coil Slitting Line Manufacturing

The original Butech was formed by John Buta in 1985. Today, John Buta is president of the combined company known as Butech Bliss. When Butech started up in the mid-1980s, all they had was a small manufacturing shop that focused on developing innovative machine technologies for the metal cut-to-length line industry. 

Over the years, Butech became a world-renowned supplier of scrap choppers, side trimmers, shears, and hydraulic roller levelers. Their innovation in the industry has allowed them to become one of the best at what they do in North America. When you work with Butech Bliss as your coil slitting line supplier, you can know that you’re getting the best products on the market backed by over a hundred years of experience. 

Butech Bliss’s field service and engineering services are unmatched! You can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected by engineers that care. When you put your trust in Butech Bliss, you only have to make the investment once. You’ll never sacrifice quality in your metal-cut-to-length equipment, and you’ll skip the hassle of costly repairs that can come from the wrong coil slitting lines.

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Leading the Metal Cut-To-Length and Coil Slitting Lines Industry for Over a Century

Even though Butech and Bliss were previously separate manufacturers, once Butech and Bliss joined forces, they were able to expand to include more than 75 machining centers, and have continued to invest in new metal cut-to-length equipment to be the most sought after builders in the industry.

Invest in equipment built better, invest in Butech Bliss. If you’re ready to work with the Cadillac of metal forming machinery, visit https://www.butechbliss.com/ to improve your metal forming production and build your success better.

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