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Looking For Affordable Dental Implants Near Me?

Dental implants are a lasting solution to broken, missing, or decayed teeth. Implants feel, look, and behave like natural teeth, so patients don’t have to feel the occasional discomfort of dentures or partials, or worry about the aesthetics of their smile.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are hesitant to invest in dental implants because of the cost. Even at “affordable” dental offices, implant prices can run well over $30,000 for full mouth replacement. If you haven’t done much research into the most affordable dental implants near me, don’t worry. Let’s break down what the competitors are charging for this procedure.


Dental Implant Cost | What Are The Competitors Charging?

Let’s take a look at Aspen Dental and Clear Choice, which are large dental care chains with more than 800 offices across the country. These practices advertise low-cost care for all patients, but when you examine the dental implants Clear Choice option, the numbers tell a different story.

Both Clear Choice and Aspen Dental charge over $50,000 for their full mouth dental implant procedure, which is a whole mouth replacement. For most people, these numbers are unaffordable and inaccessible. This might encourage a patient to either seek out a different option for dental implants near me or opt for an entirely different procedure like dentures or partials. 

If we take a look at traditional dentists, meaning dental offices that are local and smaller, the costs are still steep. For a single dental implant, most traditional offices charge between $4,000-$6,000. Single dental implants fix only one part of your smile, so if you need more than one implant, the price only rises.  

Don’t let the cost of dental implants deter you. There are different options for dental implants near me that can accommodate a variety of situations. If you are an eligible candidate for this procedure, you should have access to dental implants. With Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates, you can.

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The Offices Of Marino/Nassif | Dental Implants Near Me

Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates is a practice serving the Northeast Ohio area with premier dental care and facial services. When it comes to finding dental implants near me, this practice is an ideal option for affordable implants that last. Their offices use innovative Thommen Medical Dental Technology to give their patients a comfortable experience, and a longstanding solution. Plus, when it comes to dental implants same day treatment, you can get an entire upper or lower jaw implant replacement in just one day! 

So what about cost? Marino/Nassif believes that all patients deserve the care they need to have a comfortable, healthy smile. Their offices charge $1,999 for a single dental implant, which is half of what traditional offices charge. For full mouth replacements, they charge $12,000 per arch, which can be secured using 4-6 implants. When compared with the Clear Choice option, this is less than half the cost.

Marino/Nassif also offers different payment options for their dental services. DentalDirect is their exclusive dental discount plan that allows enrolled members to pay at a lower rate every time they visit one of their dental offices. You can receive 15-55% off of their services with no monthly premium and no yearly max. They also accept CareCredit, some Medicare plans, and most private insurance plans. 

If it’s time for you to invest in dental implants near me, you have an affordable, lasting solution waiting for you at the Marino/Nassif offices.

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About Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates

The offices of Dr. Marino and Dr. Nassif serve the Northeast Ohio area with quality dental care, facial services, orthodontics, and more. With six convenient locations, you can find a dental office near you to get regular cleanings and checkups, emergency visits, or dental procedures.

If you’ve been considering dental implants near me, then get affordable dental care with Dr. Marino & Associates and Dr. Nassif & Associates. Visit to learn more.

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