The Best Crane Rental In Columbus Ohio

If you or your business are getting ready for a large-scale project, you need the best in crane rental in Columbus Ohio. Whether you need truck cranes, boom trucks, all-terrain cranes, or whatever fits your needs, you want a company that has it all.

At General Crane Rental LLC, they offer all of this and more. General Crane is among the largest and most diverse inventories for modern, state-of-the-art cranes throughout the entire Midwest! It’s no secret why so many companies trust General Crane for all of their crane rental needs. They are committed to impeccable service, reliability, and convenience for all customers.

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Why Go With General Crane

Depending on your project, you may be wondering what General Crane offers in terms of crane rental in Columbus Ohio. Take, for example, their crawler cranes. The name “crawler crane” stems from this crane’s use of tracks to maneuver through construction sites with ease — hence the name “crawler.” These cranes can travel over a variety of surfaces, excluding softer soils, and they are able to carry heavy loads.

It’s important to note that crawler cranes are extremely heavy and noticeably slower than other cranes. They cannot transport themselves between sites and need special shipping equipment. 

If a crawler crane isn’t what you need, consider a boom truck. A boom truck is a unique hydraulic crane that lifts workers up high to do construction work. Oftentimes, boom trucks are used for power line maintenance and tree trimming. These trucks can also travel at highway speeds, so if you have a job where you need to travel, this might be the solution for you.

Another unique option at General Crane is the carry deck crane, which is ideal for tasks that require compact equipment. These cranes move through tight spots easily and clear overhead obstacles. They are also able to move heavy loads over short distances and would be great if you need to travel tight spots where other cranes cannot fit.

General Crane offers all of these and much more, which is why it’s a clear stand-out choice for crane rental in Columbus Ohio. There’s a crane for every project when you rent from General Crane. 


Benefits of General Crane Rental

In addition to crane rental, General Crane offers several additional services for their customers. They provide trucking services and heavy hauling equipment with a full fleet of Peterbilt tractors, flatbeds, lowboys, and service trucks. The use of this equipment allows General Crane to assist customers in moving their equipment to specific locations.

General Crane also has storage space available for customers. The company has 6 acres located at I-271 and Forbes Road in Macedonia, Ohio. Indoor and outdoor storage is available and there are both long and short-term options. General Crane seeks to maximize customer productivity and comfort, so check them out when you need crane rental in Columbus Ohio.


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About General Crane

General Crane Rental LLC is one of the leading providers of crane rental in Columbus Ohio. They rent and maintain OSHA-certified cranes and boom trucks that are well-kept and ready to help you tackle your next big project.

Whether you need rough terrain cranes, truck cranes, boom trucks, or crawler cranes, General Crane has it all. Their team also has experience in buying and selling new and used equipment. When you have work to do, you want equipment that is reliable and safe, and will cause little stress throughout your project. You can count on these cranes for ease of use and minimal stress, and you can expect excellent customer service when you go with General Crane.

Ready to get started or want to learn more about what they have to offer? Visit to get started. 

By Published On: December 28, 2020Categories: Crane Rental

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