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Laundry facilities depend on clean, hot water to keep their operations running. If the hot water supply runs out, the laundry operation comes to a halt. As a result, the facility loses time and money to equipment downtime. However, a direct contact water heater can help you avoid this downtime and keep your operation running.

With R.W. Martin & Sons Inc. direct contact water heaters, you can install water heating systems with exceptional efficiency in your facility. Direct contact water heating systems are the optimal solution for maintaining hot water production. So, you can circumvent machinery downtime and achieve maximum productivity.

R.W. Martin is a top supplier of industrial laundry equipment including direct contact water heaters, washing machines, tunnel washers, wastewater heat recovery equipment, and more! Most notably, they offer both new and used machinery from quality manufacturers like Kemco. R.W. Martin also offers competitive pricing, so they can work within your budget.

Advantages of Kemco direct contact water heater systems

If your equipment cannot efficiently heat water and your storage tank keeps running dry, you will keep losing valuable time and money. With R.W. Martin, however, you maintain a constant flow of hot water with advanced direct contact water heaters from Kemco. Here are some advantages of choosing Kemco water heaters for your facility:

More cost-efficient

Kemco is a leading company in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of direct contact water heaters and heat exchangers. So, their equipment is the ideal way to maximize savings for fuel water and sewer costs while increasing water heating efficiency. In fact, Kemco systems offer a 99.7% return, greatly outperforming conventional water heating equipment.

Here is how much you would spend to get a full $100 benefit of gas water heating with Kemco versus other water heating solutions:

  • Kemco Direct Contact Water Heater at 99.7% efficiency: $100.30
  • Conventional Gas Water Heater at 70% efficiency: $142.86
  • Steam Boiler and Heat Exchanger at 65% efficiency: $153.85

Steam-free and easy to operate

Kemco water heating systems do not need high-pressure insurance or licensed operators to function in your facility. They also do not require boiler feed chemicals and frequent, costly maintenance like other boilers. Furthermore, Kemco direct contact water heater systems will remove the need for steam. As a result, you can reduce steam in your facility with 100% steam-free equipment.

Built-in rust prevention

Kemco technology is designed to create direct contact between water and flame, so it can burn more oxygen in the water. In fact, Kemco systems burn up to 80% more of the oxygen present in your water. As a result, it reduces oxidation and protects the stainless steel construction from rusting.

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Kemco wastewater heat recovery systems

R.W. Martin also offers Kemco wastewater heat recovery systems in addition to their direct contact water heater inventory. If you want to maximize your facility’s energy efficiency, wastewater heat recovery is the ideal solution. These systems will take heat from wastewater and use it to preheat incoming water. Most notably, Kemco systems are exceptionally efficient, offering up to a 5°F approach.

For example, when clean water comes into the system at 60 to 65°F, Kemco’s heat recovery technology will preheat the water to within 5 to 10 degrees of the present wastewater. As a result, you save upwards to 60% of the heat energy you would have lost. Furthermore, these savings will give you a complete return on investment within 1 to 2 years after installation.

Another advantage of Kemco wastewater heat recovery systems is its ability to be mounted to walls and ceilings. This will allow you to use your floor space more efficiently. Kemco systems can also create multiple temperatures at the same time. So, they are the optimal choice for hot and tempered water systems.

Additionally, Kemco equipment features durable, stainless steel construction. As a result, it has inherent corrosion resistance and offers much longer operation lifespans. Furthermore, Kemco systems exceed TEMA quality and performance standards for shell and tube heat exchangers. So, you can trust that you are receiving the industry’s best equipment for your facility.

About R.W. Martin & Sons Inc. | Direct contact water heater

All industrial laundry facilities come with their unique sets of needs. However, one thing they all need is reliable, efficient machinery. Thus, R.W. Martin & Sons Inc. works to provide a diverse selection of equipment and services to fulfill the needs of any facility.

R.W. Martin was founded by Robert W. Martin over 50 years ago. Today, the company is a leading supplier of reliable laundry equipment, aggregate heaters, and much more. In fact, R.W. Martin has built a reputation for servicing equipment from virtually every manufacturer in the industry. As a result, they have the experience necessary for providing the best possible equipment solutions.

R.W. Martin & Sons Inc. buys, sells, and rents new and pre-owned equipment with competitive pricing, so you can get the machinery your facility needs without overspending. If you are looking for equipment that will maximize your facility’s efficiency and save you money, contact R.W. Martin Company today or visit their website at https://www.rwmartin.com/.

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