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Looking for the perfect upgrade for your laundry facility? A tunnel washer is your best option for increasing the efficiency of your cleaning operations. R.W. Martin’s new and pre-owned tunnel washer systems will significantly improve the rate at which you can clean laundry, increasing overall productivity and decreasing downtime.

With over 50 years of experience as a leading provider of industrial laundry equipment solutions, R.W. Martin can help you find the ideal machinery for your facility.

ADVAN Design and R.W. Martin work together to make finding tunnel washer systems and other industrial laundry equipment easier and more affordable. We give R.W. Martin the digital marketing tools they need to reach their customers, while they continue to offer exceptional equipment with competitive pricing.

What is a tunnel washer?

A tunnel washer is the laundry industry’s best solution to high-capacity cleaning. These systems are also known as continuous batch washing equipment. Continuous batch systems can more effectively clean larger, heavier loads of laundry. Furthermore, they offer lower energy consumption and water consumption as well as more efficient cleaning.

Most notably, tunnel washer systems allow operators to continuously feed dirty laundry into one side of the machine while large loads of clean laundry exit the other. As a result, you can decrease your total washing time and reach peak performance.

R.W. Martin offers a wide variety of high-quality laundry equipment solutions. Check out these 2 tunnel washer systems from the R.W. Martin catalog:

Continental Gibrau’s TBS-50

The TBS-50 tunnel washer is a versatile, continuous batch laundry system. It offers a max capacity of 110 pounds and exceptional efficiency, so you can up to 3,000 pounds of laundry per hour with ease.

The TBS-50 also has 5-12 module configurations to fit the requirements of each unique laundry operation. Furthermore, its mono-block design makes is less expensive and much easier to install.

Continental Gibrau’s TBS-50 is the perfect solution for laundry facilities looking for effective and affordable equipment.

Lavatec’s Model LT50X18-BT

Lavatec is another distinguished manufacturer of continuous batch washers. Their Model LT50X18-BT tunnel washer offers capacities ranging from 55 to 200 pounds as well as a simple, energy-efficient design. So, this is the perfect solution for any commercial laundry.

In fact, Lavatec’s tunnel washer decreases water consumption substantially. This model consumes as little as .5 gallons per pound of laundry. Each drum can also be individually gauged for level control, temperature control, heating, draining, and chemical injection.

The Model LT50X18-BT is among the lowest-cost tunnel washers on the market, offering extensive lifespans. Many of these machines have been working 16-hour workdays for 20 years and are still working to this day.

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If you are looking for a tunnel washer or other industrial laundry equipment, contact R.W. Martin. Learn more about R.W. Martin on the ADVAN Design Blog or visit their website.

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