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ADVAN Design is a leading digital marketing agency in Northeast Ohio. In fact, we have assisted countless Ohio companies with the execution of digital marketing campaigns. We work with various companies in a diverse array of industries including Cleveland metal stamping companies like Wedge Products. If you are looking for metal stamping companies in Ohio, you can rely on Wedge, a leader in precision metal stamping and a valued client of ADVAN Design.

Here at ADVAN Design, we support our clients on the backend. While Wedge Products continues to manufacture high-quality metal stampings, we equip them with the digital marketing tools they need to succeed. As a result, Wedge can more readily compete with its industry rivals and reach larger audiences of potential customers. If you are looking for digital marketing services in Ohio, contact ADVAN Design today!

An AS9100-D certified custom metal stamping company

Wedge Products is not only an industry leader in the production of high-quality metal stampings, but they are also one of the few companies with certification to create parts for the aerospace industry. In fact, Wedge utilizes the most advanced technology in the industry in combination with its expert staff to meet the strict quality and performance requirements of the aerospace industry. As a result, aerospace organizations have a reliable source of defect-free, high-strength components.

Wedge Products is an AS9100 Rev. D manufacturer, so they can offer a wider range of metal stamping services and light assembly for aerospace parts and applications. Their capabilities include:

  • Aerospace Metal Stamping
  • Deep Drawn Stamping
  • Aerospace Machining
  • Single Hit Stamping
  • Aerospace Welding
  • Progressive Stamping
  • Aerospace Plastic Stamping
  • Engineered Resin Stamping
  • Aerospace Assembly
  • Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

As one of the leading metal stamping companies in Ohio, Wedge Products offers exceptional quality as well as competitive pricing and timely delivery for all aerospace components.

Why choose Wedge over other metal stamping companies in Ohio?

If you are currently sifting through lists of metal stamping companies near me, you can stop your search with Wedge Products. Wedge offers the highest quality products and services for metal stamping applications. In fact, they offer many advantages over competing metal stamping companies. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Wedge for your next project:

Precision engineering

The Wedge Products engineering team is comprised of many industry experts with countless years of experience. Choosing Wedge means you have a professional team to work with at each stage of the metal stamping process.

In fact, they will develop a complete understanding of your needs. So, they can always deliver the best possible products for your application. Furthermore, Wedge can maintain or modify existing tools and die for custom metal stamping.

State-of-the-art stamping equipment

The Wedge Products manufacturing facility currently operates over 64 stamping presses with capacities ranging from 3 to 400 tons. This facility also houses advanced auto feeding and handling equipment. So, they can provide more accuracy for complex, custom metal stampings for both short runs and high-volume productions.

In addition, Wedge’s equipment allows them to offer a variety of secondary operations including riveting, welding, tapping, deburring, degreasing, and providing both manual and automatic assemblies.

Exceptional quality control

Wedge utilizes a computerized quality assurance program to ensure high levels of precision at every stage of the metal stamping process. This program has also earned Wedge certification to produce automotive components under Mil-I-45208A.

We use a computerized quality control program to maintain precision at every step of the metal fabricating process. In fact, our consistent precision has earned us certification to supply metal parts to the automotive industry under Mil-I-45208A. Wedge’s dedication to quality and precision has placed them as a leader in the metal stamping industry.

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Metal stamping services near me

Wedge Products Inc. Deep Draw Stamping

Deep drawing metal stamping services by Wedge Products Inc. offer the highest precision and quality in the industry. Deep draw stamping is the ideal process for the production of custom aerospace, automotive, and electrical components. Wedge utilizes its immense experience in metal stamping and advanced stamping equipment to meet and exceed even the most challenging application requirements.

Deep draw stamping is a metal fabricating process that radially draws sheet metal into a metal forming die. “Deep draw” is in reference to the dimensions of the finished components, which have more depth than width.

To achieve these depths, Wedge draws sheet metal materials through a series of custom die. As they move between the die, the parts will increase in length. The die can also create a variety of diameters down the length of a single component.

Additionally, Wedge Products Inc. deep draw components require fewer materials to produce. As a result, these parts cost much less to create in comparison to turned parts.

Custom plastic stamping services

In addition to metal stamping, Wedge offers hot & cold plastic stamping services. In fact, Wedge’s facility houses a 40-ton Komatsu press with auto feeding technology and infrared digital material heaters. As a result, many companies and organizations in a wide variety of industries from consumer appliances to aerospace depend on Wedge’s custom plastic stamping services.

Furthermore, Wedge has a variety of stamping presses with capacities training from 18 to 60 tons. So, they can stamp nylon, polyester, and many other high-pressure laminates up to maximum thicknesses.

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High-quality, defect-free products | Metal stamping Ohio

Grease & Axle caps

Wedge has been a leading provider of grease and axel caps for over 20 years. In fact, they can create grease caps with both high-quality galvanized and plain steel found here in the United States. They also offer a variety of plating options. If you are looking for grease and axel caps, here are some reasons to choose Wedge:

  • Serving the Recreation Vehicle & Trailer Market
  • Sizes and Shapes to Your Specifications
  • All Caps are Galvanized on Both Sides
  • Zinc Plated Caps Available

Wedge Products can also custom design grease and axel caps for unique application requirements.

Pipe & End caps

Wedge has also been a top provider of pipe and end caps for over 50 years. The pipe, boiler, and tubing industries all rely on Wedge products for caps that can meet their quality and performance standards. Wedge offers pipe and end caps in sizes ranging from .540 to 12.750″ diameter.

Furthermore, Wedge pipe and end caps feature one-piece construction that is drawn from a sheet or stainless steel or aluminum. These caps are also completely recyclable and can be galvanized upon request.

About Wedge Products Inc. | Metal Stamping Companies in Ohio

If you have been searching for metal stamping companies in Ohio, you can rely on Wedge Products to deliver the products you need. Wedge has been a leading manufacturer of custom metal stampings since 1933, so you will always receive parts designed to your exact specifications.

Wedge Products offers high-precision stamping services for both metal and plastic materials at a wide range of thicknesses. They also have a state-of-the-art, 110,000 square-foot manufacturing facility with many advanced stamping presses. As a result, they can offer quick lead times for high-volume production runs without sacrificing quality.

Wedge Products maintains a dedication to providing clients with the best metal stampings in addition to friendly, helpful customer service. If you are looking for a metal stamping company near me in Ohio, check out Wedge Products today! Learn more about Wedge on the ADVAN Design blog or visit our website for metal stamping services.

Wedge Products Inc. | Metal Stamping Companies in Ohio

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