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If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of aerospace actuation components, get in touch with NMG. NMG Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of motor actuators and other electromechanical actuation solutions. In fact, NMG has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of these components on top of its 50+ years in the aerospace industry. So, you can depend on them to develop the perfect motor actuation solutions for your application.

Most importantly, NMG’s focuses on developing motor actuators with superior torque and increasingly lightweight design. Thus, NMG’s motor actuators designed for aerospace applications offer unmatched versatility, providing optimal performance in a diverse variety of aircraft.

Initially, NMG’s motor actuators were designed only for water systems. However, they can now be applied in systems with both fuel and hydraulic fluids. They offer expertise in the design and manufacturing of motor actuation solutions. In fact, they have been meeting the high standards of the aerospace industry since 1967, creating high-quality parts for nearly any application.

What exactly are motor actuators?

Motor actuators are crucial components that transfer electrical signals into movement or other tasks like temperature and pressure. It is also necessary for motor actuators in aerospace applications to be lightweight and compact while consistently producing high dynamic forces. Most importantly, motor actuation components need to be durable enough to handle the extreme conditions of aerospace applications. So, NMG designs its motor actuators to offer the highest durability and performance on the market.

Innovative aircraft motor actuator design

As a leading provider of actuation components to the aerospace industry, NMG is always looking to innovate and improve. For example, although their actuators originally only supported water, they now support fuel, air, water, and hydraulic fluid. So, they are the most versatile motor actuators on the market.

Furthermore, motor actuators by NMG Aerospace feature a proprietary modular design, which offers 30+ unique configurations to meet the performance requirements of any application with a standard motor drive train. Additionally, NMG offers a wide range of actuator valve models with full RTCA/DO-160 qualification.

Gen 1 & Gen 1A motor actuators

NMG’s original generation of actuators involves vertical motor actuated valves. These valves are designed to spec and are ideal for potable water systems. They also offer an exceptionally lightweight design for their torque range.

In fact, NMG’s innovative design methods allowed them to reduce the weight by a half-pound without sacrificing power. Lastly, the Gen 1 & Gen 1A actuators come with ½” to ¾” ball valves and can actuate 90° to 180° with a manual override.

Gen 2 motor actuators

NMG’s Gen 2 motor actuation systems feature horizontal motor actuated valves. These actuators offer a much lower profile with increased torque up to 300+ inch-pounds in comparison to Gen 1. These can also be set to a full range of positions with 360° actuation.

Gen 3 motor actuators

NMG’s third-generation actuators are currently in development. Their team is using everything at their disposal, combining state-of-the-art equipment with unparalleled industry expertise to create their most powerful motor actuators yet. In fact, the Gen 3 motor actuators are going to include diagnostic and prognostic metrics with programmable actuation profiles as well as many other unique advantages.

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Why choose NMG Aerospace?

NMG Aerospace | Why Choose NMG?

Commitment to quality

Many of NMG’s clients include distinguished organizations in national and international aviation and defense. So, they will never sacrifice quality and cut corners on projects. Safety is also a top priority, ensuring all components are absolutely defect-free before shipment. Therefore, you can trust NMG to deliver products of exceptional quality with quick lead times and competitive pricing.

Additionally, continuous improvement and innovation is one of NMG’s central operation principles. They are always investing in enhancing product quality, manufacturing processes, and staff expertise. In fact, they employ many CI tools, allowing them to eliminate waste, improve workflow, maximize efficiency, and offer more value to their customers.

Affordable pricing

Aerospace may be a specialized industry with uniquely high standards, but competitive pricing is still just as valuable as anywhere else. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are a central part of NMG’s design and manufacturing processes. Most notably, NMG offers competitive cost sourcing for any project where it applies.

In fact, NMG has a massive network of industry connections and partnerships with competitive cost country suppliers. As a result, they can give their clients competitive pricing and minimal price increases even for multi-year contracts.

Another advantage of choosing NMG is direct shipping, which minimizes labor costs, overhead, and probability of error. They can ship your actuation components to your facility or to your customers with your box and paperwork ready to go. NMG shipping also eliminates expenses like unpacking, repacking, and inspections. If you want quality products with affordable pricing, NMG is perfect for you. Findaerospace machine shops near me.

Exceptional customer service & quality assurance

NMG’s Stow, Ohio, manufacturing facility combines countless years of industry experience with state-of-the-art equipment. So, they can custom design and manufacture products for your unique application requirements. Their certified engineering staff will work by your side at each step of the process, ensuring they satisfy all your needs and meet your quality and performance standards. Stow’s cost of living and labor rates also allow NMG to offer much lower pricing than their competitors.

Choosing NMG means you have access to a diverse range of valuable resources. These resources include design-to-spec, product development, build-to-print, and qualification for every component in their platform. NMG also offers the responsiveness and versatility of a smaller manufacturer with design, engineering, and qualification abilities similar to even the largest aerospace components suppliers.

In addition, NMG offers high-accuracy quality assurance. In fact, they use proprietary numerical analysis programs for inspecting the endurance, performance, and temperature of their motor actuator components. So, they can more consistently deliver high-quality component solutions that meet and exceed performance standards.

About NMG Aerospace

NMG Aerospace has been a leading supplier of motor actuators, electromechanical actuation components, and many other aerospace parts for over 50 years. They offer the highest quality and value in the industry for aerospace components, so many high-profile organizations depend on NMG to fulfill their aircraft part needs.

If you have been looking for a proven manufacturer of motor actuators, look no further than NMG. You can trust them to manufacture the best parts for your application while offering excellent customer service, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing. Contact NMG today to learn more about their motor actuators and manufacturing services or visit their website at https://www.nmgaerospace.com/

NMG Aerospace

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