Shopping for Ramps for Sale

Green forklift transporting pallet to semi-truck on yard ramp | Ramps for saleIf you are looking to add a ramp to your inventory, there are certain key features to look out for. When shopping for ramps for sale, talk with the manufacturer about any specific questions you have. Adding a yard ramp to your inventory is an important purchase and investment, so you want to make sure you make the best decision for your company.

Ramps are a great way to manage shipments and streamline your operations. Let’s take a look at some key features to look out for when shopping for ramps for sale.

#1 Safety & Security

Always paramount to purchasing ramps for sale is the safety and security of the ramp. All ramps have to follow a strict set of safety regulations, but it’s great when a ramp manufacturer goes above and beyond to ensure your employees will be safe when operating it.

Some ramps for sale use safety chains that secure them in place and prevent them from pulling away from trucks or docking bays. Other features to look out for include strong tires that won’t pop or flatten and safety curbs that ensure the loads you’re transporting are as secure as possible.

#2 Assembly & Adjustment

Forklift fork in ramp sleeve | Ramps for salePositioning the ramp is important, but it shouldn’t take you hours to get right. Some yard ramps for sale have positioning sleeves that simplify ramp setup.

A hydraulic pump is another helpful feature that makes it easier to raise and lower the ramp. All you have to do is open the pump and push the lever until it’s in the right position.

If you are concerned about the amount of time it takes to adjust a ramp, talk to the manufacturer about the easiest and safest way to get the ramp into position.

#3 Materials Used for Ramps for Sale

Ramps for sale are commonly built using steel or aluminum. Your decision on which type of material you prefer depends on your daily operations and needs. Aluminum ramps don’t spark like steel ramps do, which means they are better if you are handling highly flammable materials on a daily basis.

However, steel ramps for sale are able to carry much higher weight, oftentimes up to 30,000 lbs. Steel ramps also last longer due to their durability and resistance to corrosion buildup. When it comes to the cost of these ramps for sale, it depends on the manufacturer. In general, these ramps should come within similar price ranges.

If you want to get the best ramps and support American companies, look out for companies that can confirm their ramps are made in the USA. This is a great way to support national manufacturers and get a ramp that improves your efficiency.

#4 Seller Expertise & Professionalism

Man writing on a piece of paper | Ramps for saleIt’s highly likely that you will have questions for the seller of ramps for sale. Is there a warranty on their ramps? How long is the ramp likely to last? How is the ramp manufactured?

It’s a good sign if the seller is open and honest about their product and manufacturing process. As mentioned, it’s important to have sturdy materials that make up your ramp. If the seller seems to avoid questions about the materials used or how they are sourced, don’t hesitate to press for the answers you need.

In addition, it’s always helpful to have safety and assembly resources available when it comes to purchasing ramps for sale. The seller should be able to provide something like this or at least be available to answer questions.

Video resources are great, as you can visually see how the ramp is assembled, adjusted, and used in action. However, written materials are also great to keep nearby. Make sure you feel confident and comfortable purchasing from an honest seller when it comes to buying ramps for sale.

By Published On: September 3, 2021Categories: Yard Ramp and Loading Dock Equipment

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