Using Semi Truck Ramps at Your Facility

Forklift traveling up a semi truck rampSemi truck ramps act as a mobile loading dock that can link the bed of a truck trailer to the ground. These ramps allow you to drive forklifts from the ground to the truck in just a few seconds. Semi truck ramps are often called “portable loading docks” because they are transportable and can create a freight-handling center almost anywhere.

Adding these heavy duty trailer ramps to your facility significantly increases the existing capacity of the loading dock and does not require you to move to another facility. With a portable semi truck ramp, you can maximize productivity and get more jobs done in less time all at your current facility.

What To Look For When Purchasing Semi Truck Ramps

When adding semi truck ramps to your facility, you should know what features to look out for. Safety is always paramount in any loading dock situation. It’s likely that the loads you’re transporting are heavy, and you cannot risk putting an employee in danger because your heavy duty truck ramps aren’t stable. Ask the manufacturer about safety features before you purchase.

Another important aspect of semi truck ramps is their mobility. As mentioned, these heavy duty trailer ramps are beneficial because they can move between jobs with ease. So, you should make sure you’re purchasing a ramp that has mobility features that make it easy to adjust the ramp’s position and height as needed. In addition, make sure the semi truck ramp is equipped with sturdy tires that won’t require constant repair.

A forklift accessing a semi truck loading ramp

You’ll want to make sure that the semi truck ramps you purchase are made from quality materials. These tractor trailer ramps are often made from either steel or aluminum. If you’re looking for a durable solution, steel ramps might be the best choice due to their resistance to wear and tear. Aluminum semi truck ramps are likely to be smaller and have lower capacities, though they won’t rust like steel ramps will.

Finally, make sure that the heavy duty trailer ramps have fast rising and lowering times. As mentioned, if you’re performing constant adjustments, you don’t want to wait around for the ramp to raise slowly. Certain manufacturers will equip their ramps with pumps that raise the ramp quickly, so you can get back to loading faster. Keeping these factors in mind is crucial for choosing the best semi truck ramp.

Find the Right Style for Your Semi Truck Ramps

Green forklift carrying pallet up semi truck rampBefore you purchase semi truck ramps, make sure you know the exact style and capacity you need. Some of these heavy duty trailer ramps are built to load cars and trucks.

This means the ramps will have parallel steel or aluminum bars where cars can drive up with an empty space in between. This style of semi truck ramps will probably have a slightly smaller capacity, up to about 13,000 lbs, due to the lighter weight of cars compared to other loads.

There are also semi trailer ramps that are built for equipment to drive up, which look similar to the car loading ramps but have a higher weight capacity. There’s even the option to purchase semi truck ramps that are built for forklifts, which means they are built to transport forklifts carrying loads. These ramps have a high weight capacity, often up to 30,000 lbs, and are available with level offs as needed.

Of course, if you find a reputable semi truck ramp manufacturer, you can always discuss customizable options for your ramp. Every business has different requirements, and your manufacturer should be able to meet those. If you are setting aside the money to purchase semi truck ramps, you want to get it exactly right.

By Published On: September 10, 2021Categories: Yard Ramp and Loading Dock Equipment

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