How to Choose the Best Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp

The marketplace holds a wide selection of Heavy-Duty Loading Ramps for forklifts, cars, trucks, and even military vehicles. Trying to figure out which style to rent or buy can be intimidating.

There are a lot of factors that go into making the right choice. This page is designed to help you choose the right heavy-duty ramp for your job, and determine what accessories you will need.

Styles of Loading Ramps

Forklift traveling up Copperloy loading ramp1) Step Deck Trailer Ramps / Levelers

These ramp systems are designed to load trucks, wheel loaders, tractors, and heavy commercial equipment. They are lightweight aluminum, so they are easy to set up and remove. Weight capacities range from 4,000 to 23,500 pounds.

2) Car / Heavy Duty Truck Loading Ramps

Cars and trucks can easily be loaded and unloaded using these ramp systems. Their power and range make them a perfect match for flatbed trailers, utility trailers, and Take 3 trailers. These models range from 2,000 to 12,000 pounds in weight capacity.

3) Heavy Duty Equipment Ramps / Bobcat Ramps

With weight capacities ranging from 10,000 lbs to 12,000 lbs, these ramp systems are great for loading and unloading skid steers, tractors, trucks, Bobcats, and other heavy equipment. These are made from military-grade aluminum, which is lightweight, durable, rustproof, and long-lasting.

4) Heavy Duty Forklift / Yard Ramps

This forklift ramp is designed to load and unload cargo from truck trailers, loading docks, platforms, and rail cars, without dock access. These ramps are made of steel and are usually able to hold between 15,000 and 30,000 pounds. Forklift/yard ramps have wheels so they can be moved easily and set up with a forklift. Available with or without a level off.

5) Heavy Duty Wheel Risers

Service ramps and wheel risers are designed to provide the necessary maintenance and service to buses, semitrailers, and other heavy vehicles. In addition, they’re great as contest and auto show display stands. Weight capacities range from 3,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs.

6) Heavy Duty Military Ramps

Designed to load heavy military vehicles and equipment, such as trucks and Hemmitts, these ramp systems are constructed to withstand 23,500 lbs. per axle. Setup and takedown are easier with lightweight aluminum.

7) Custom Heavy Duty Ramps

Many ramp makers also offer custom ramps built exactly to your specifications along with a wide selection of heavy-duty ramps in stock. Ramps can be built to handle equipment anywhere from 5,000 lbs to 100,000 lbs and are made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum.

Heavy Duty Ramp Accessories

In addition to ramp systems, there’s a wide range of accessories out there, which could be important to make your job successful. Accessories include:

1) Heavy-Duty Chain and Heavy-Duty Chain Hook

Ideal for transporting heavy equipment on flatbed trailers.

2) Lockable Ramp Hangers for Truck Trailers

The loading ramps can be stowed beneath the truck trailer for space-saving storage.

3) Load Leveler

Saves space by storing your ramps under your truck trailer.

4) Portable Loading Docks and Platforms

Provide extra maneuverability for forklifts when not using a ramp with an integrated level off.

5) Deck Step Trailer Deck Access Ladder

The trailer bed is easily accessible. Also, see our semi-trailer version and dry van version.

Additional Questions to Consider

There are a few additional factors to consider when choosing a Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp.

What kind of equipment are you loading? Depending on the equipment, the lower foot of the ramp may need to be a stubbed toe or knife cut. In general, knife cut ramps are used to load forklifts, automobiles, or other small-wheeled equipment. Stub toe feet are recommended for heavy equipment like skid loaders, wheel loaders, and commercial trucks.

What size wheels do you have on your equipment? In order to ensure proper traction, equipment with smaller wheels must have its ramp cleats closer together, because the load is concentrated in a small area.

Are you using steel-tracked equipment? For steel-tracked equipment, rubber-coated ramps are necessary to prevent aluminum from being damaged.

What’s Important in Deciding on Truck Loading Ramp

It is detrimental to the loading and unloading process if truck loading ramps are unreliable and unsafe. It’s important that the ramps involved can handle the load on and off of trucks all day long if people are moving heavy cargo back and forth.

Safety affects the well-being of those involved and helps speed up processes. It is also crucial for meeting OSHA laws and regulations. When you are certain that you can rely on your equipment, less time is spent double-checking and stressing about every little thing. 

Why Copperloy Truck Loading Ramps?

Relative to other ramps on the market, Copperloy ramps have improved functionality. Many of their features make the loading process much safer and easier, something every company could use. The following list includes of some of the standard features you can expect to find in a Copperloy loading ramp.

Loading ramp with a leveling board on it
  • 8-Foot Level Off: This is a standard feature of Copperloy ramps for good reason. Forklift access is made significantly easier with the 8-foot level off. As a result, the loading and unloading process becomes much smoother and safer. A Copperloy truck loading ramp makes loading with forklifts a breeze.
  • Hydraulic Pump: Locating the hydraulic hand pump can be a struggle with other truck ramps; Copperloy, however, designed their ramps with the hand pump on the outside. It can now be easily found and operated, plus it is protected from dirt and damage, which reduces its need for maintenance. Compared to other ramps, this single-acting hand pump requires half the effort.
  • Low End Plate and Safety Curb: Forklift access can be difficult with loading ramps. Copperloy, however, has overcome this problem. The end plates of Copperloy ramps are shorter than forklift wheelbases, so the front wheels can reach the grating while the back wheels remain on the ground. The curbs are also 7-inches high, which prevents runoff. The low end plate and safety curb make forklifts more reliable and efficient as they travel on and off trucks.
  • Solid/Pneumatic Tires: Refilling and replacing tires can waste time and resources. Tires that are solid/pneumatic do not need to be refilled or maintained constantly. A Copperloy solid tire also has lubricated bearings, making maintenance nearly nonexistent.
  • Customization: In addition to the standard features, Copperloy will customize your truck loading ramps and yard ramps to meet your unique needs.

Safe and Reliable | Truck Loading Ramps

a close shot of a forklift removing stock from a truck using a loading rampYou can gain easy ground-level access to your trucks from anywhere in your warehouse or other facilities with Copperloy ramps. Material handling applications of all kinds will benefit from these portable loading ramps, increasing overall productivity.

Consider Copperloy’s truck loading ramps and other products if you want to substantially improve productivity in your facility. Copperloy ramps provide unparalleled safety and durability.

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