Conquering Writers’ Burnout When Working From Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shifted the way we work, with more and more companies having employees working from home. Unfortunately, for writers, this can bring on some writers’ burnout that feels hard to conquer. Working from home is great when you want to be in your own space, and get some work done in your pajamas. But it can be difficult to combat distractions, or find inspiration from your living room.
Writers’ burnout happens to everyone. Here are four tips to conquering this problem.

Tip #1: Take A Break

It’s not obvious to everyone that you can take breaks when you work from home. Be critical of your usual routine when writing at home. Do you tend to roll out of bed and start typing, without taking a second for yourself? Are you working through lunch and even into the evening because you haven’t left the house? It’s easy to slip into a routine of not taking breaks when you work at home. Unfortunately, this can lead to some serious writers’ burnout.
If you’re feeling sluggish and struggling to write, stand up from your desk and do a few minutes of stretches. Close your eyes, take a break from the screen, and take a few moments to be present where you are. If you have the time, take a walk around the block and make a fresh cup of coffee or tea. You’ll be amazed at how the mind rejuvenates when it’s not forced to think constantly. Some of your best ideas may hit you when you’re away from work. This is a great first step to combating writers’ burnout.

Tip #2: Switch Up Your Environment

Examine the space you’re working in. You might not even realize it, but maybe you’re entirely closed off from natural light. Maybe your chair is getting old, and you’re finding yourself cramped or slouching throughout the day. Maybe all you have to do is order a new plant for your room, or move your desk to a new spot. Or, maybe you should consider working a few days at the local coffee shop. Being around new sights and people can stimulate your writers’ mind, and is a great way to break your routine when it grows dull. You’ll be well on your way to combating writers’ burnout when you work in an environment you love.

Tip #3: Plan A Vacation

plan a vacation

As humans, we love to have events to look forward to. It helps get us through the cold of winter, or a long week, when we know we have a getaway planned. Consider planning a vacation with your family, or by yourself, to be in a new environment. This can be a huge motivator in combating writers’ burnout. The vacation doesn’t even have to be fancy: a trip to the nearest lake will do just fine. Find somewhere you think you’ll be able to relax, and use that as a motivating factor to write your best.

Tip #4: Call A Friend

When you’re experiencing writers’ burnout, it can feel like you’re stuck in your own head, or that no one could possibly understand what you’re going through. The reality is much different. Take a few minutes to call a friend or loved one, and tell them how you’re feeling. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how relatable this experience is. Even for those who don’t write for a living, feeling unmotivated at work is a common experience. Be open about your feelings, take time to vent, and maybe even ask for advice. Just hearing a different voice may be a motivator to get through your writers’ burnout. Your biggest enemy is yourself.

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Get Motivated And Beat Writers’ Burnout!

Beating writers’ burnout isn’t always easy, but it’s always possible. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to perform at top speed constantly. Recognize that you’re human, take a break, and let your mind rest. When you return, you just may find that you have an entirely new perspective.

By Published On: May 19, 2021Categories: Writer Development

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