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Are you looking for extrusion line for sale for your workplace or next project? PlastiWin Capital Equipment is a top seller of quality used processing equipment. Their selection includes top brands that will deliver a quality performance and will allow you to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The Plastic Extrusion Line Process

Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process that melts raw plastic and then forms it into a continuous profile. This process is used for everything from window frames to pipes and tubing, as well as wire insulation.

The process begins with feeding plastic materials into the barrel of an extruder. These materials can be flakes, powders, or pellets, depending on your application. Once the material is inserted, it is gradually melted by mechanical energy that is generated by turning screws and by using heaters that are arranged along the barrel.

Finally, this molten polymer is put into a die that shapes the polymer to its final application. The shape is able to harden and solidify during the cooling process. 

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So how is the extrusion line for sale used in this process? Once the product is ready to be cooled, this often happens by pulling it through a water bath. Plastics are known to be good thermal insulators, which means they don’t cool quickly when compared to a material like steel.

You can use a tube or pipe extrusion line to keep the newly formed product from collapsing during cooling. For thin sheeting products, air cooling is often an effective choice in order to preserve the integrity of the product. 

Plastic extruders are often used to reprocess recycled plastic material, in addition to other materials that have been cleaned, sorted, or blended. This material can be extruded into other materials that are used for chopping into the bead or pellet stock, and can then be used for more processing. Plastic extrusion allows for used materials to find a new purpose.

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When you need an extrusion line for sale, you can count on PlastiWin Capital Equipment to deliver. Their extrusion line selection includes brands such as Davis Standard Lab, Lab Tech, Egan, Welex, and more. 

PlastiWin also sells pelletizing line, which is used for recycling the waste that plastic materials generate including scraps and flakes. This line is designed with a water-ring pellet cutter that gives it these exclusive capabilities. 

If you need used pipe and profile extrusion lines, you’ll also find them at PlastiWin. Pipe extrusion lines are used to make tubes and PVC pipes, and profile extrusion lines are used to make continuous sheets of plastic (not sheet or film). PlastiWin is also happy to offer film extrusion lines in their extrusion line for sale selection. These lines follow a similar process as plastic extrusion, and use molten polymer that is then shaped using a die. This process enables a continuous assembly line of quality product that can be created to extreme specifications.

PlastiWin sells all of these extrusion lines for sale and more. When you need an honest, qualified seller, use PlastiWin.

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About PlastiWin Capital Equipment, LLC

PlastiWin Capital Equipment, LLC, is a quality used processing equipment seller offering extrusion line for sale and more. They have more than 35 years of experience in the industry, and boast outstanding service and competitive prices.

PlastiWin is much more than a plastics processing machinery supplier. They offer an array of services including liquidation of used plastic processes equipment lines, purchasing plastic processing facilities, and appraisals for plastic, chemical, and rubber equipment. They are an industry leader not only for our range of capabilities, but because they take extra pride in their customer service. 

Visit PlastiWin at https://plastiwin.com/ today to learn more about extrusion line for sale, and all of their services.


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