Why Arboron Phenolic Laminate?

Arboron phenolic laminate is factory pressed, melamine-faced cellulose paper-based composite solid soaked with thermosetting resins. Arboron offers an exceptional anti-static dissipative material with excellent dimensional stability and superior machining capability.   It is reinforced under high pressure and temperature into dense, uniform sheets with good electrical and mechanical properties. Arboron is not made with polyester resins or reinforced with glass filament. As a high density compressed paper-based / phenolic impregnated sheet material with a melamine surface, PCB (Printed circuit board) producers are assured that their components are secured from heat, static discharge, and reduced solder defects, resulting in increased productivity and output.

Arboron has been successfully used in a number of applications including:


  • Electrical control and test panels
  • Switchgear mounting
  • Bus bar insulation
  • Phase barriers
  • Electrical enclosures


  • Non-conductive workbenches
  • Needle trade templates
  • Die stock
  • Transportation industry panels
  • Conveyer applications
  • Stage flooring
  • Drill jigs and fixtures


What is a Dielectric Strength Material

A dielectric Strenght material is a substance that is a low conductor of electricity, but an efficient supporter of an electrostatic field; the concern of Dielectric Strength is needed with Electrically Insulative Epoxies. Dielectric strength can be defined as the maximum voltage required to cause a dielectric breakdown through the product. Thus meaning, it is the allowance of the insulating strength of a material. Arboron Phenolic Laminate is used as an electrical insulation sheet in power circulation operations where dielectric strength, chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and dimensional stability are needed. Dielectric Strength is the best electric field that a material can withstand without experiencing failure of its insulating properties. The higher the Dielectric Strength, the better a material is to prevent electrical conductivity.  

Monoco, Inc. | Arboron Phenolic Laminate

Monoco established it’s business in 1965 and since has built their reputation as a preferred electrical insulation materials supplier, distributor, and fabricator of non-metallic, heat and electrical insulation products. Monoco Inc. specializes in thermal and electrical insulation materials as well as mechanical wear-resistant materials. They use protective materials that are heat, fire, high temperatures, mechanical wear, and chemicals.  Monoco carries a vast inventory of products for customers who require a timely turn-around on in-stock sheets and small cut-to-size orders. You can rely on Monoco’s experienced technicians for they have developed expert skills in working with Arboron Phenolic Laminate. 

Arboron phenolic laminate Features and benefits:

  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • High strength-to-weight ratio (one half the weight of aluminum)
  • High dielectric strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Carbide blade and router fabrication
  • Good electrical and mechanical properties
  • Easy to fabricate

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