With such a variety of factors to consider, choosing the right commercial laundry equipment for sale can be challenging. In addition to different brands, there are different capacities, features, and specifications to consider. You also have to deal with the everyday business tasks that come with operating a business. This makes it hard to sit down and take everything into consideration. Here are a few things to consider when buying used commercial laundry equipment for sale to help you focus and narrow your choices.

Prices & Financing

Whenever a business makes a purchase, price is always a major factor. The same is true for used commercial laundry equipment. You should plan and budget for this investment appropriately and consider how it will fit into your long-term business strategy.

Research first, then prepare a realistic budget. Be sure to stay within your budget when you purchase the equipment. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done. Financing options are available through many laundry distributors.  You should also check out the equipment warranties in case of damage.

Even so, buying new is not always the best option. Buying used from trusted vendors with reputable brands can be a great investment. It is very easy for industrial equipment repair to become extremely expensive very quickly. Buying a used machine is often more cost-effective than repairing a broken one. So be sure to carefully consider all your options before taking the plunge on a purchase.

Size & Capacity

Your commercial laundry equipment for sale size and capacity will be determined by your industry and facility. For example, hospitals may require large-capacity equipment that can handle a large volume of bed sheets. Smaller machines that can handle smaller loads of laundry in a more continuous flow would benefit other businesses such as fitness centers and salons.

When choosing machines, you should also consider the size of your facility. If you can’t give up the space needed for a large machine, it’s not worth the investment. Remember to account for future growth plans, expansions, and remodeling. You want to invest in your future and make sure your equipment continues working for you!

An experienced distributor can help you design a functional laundry room for you, your staff, and your customers.

A Commercial Laundry Distributor

Distributors are a great resource in your planning process when making a large purchase like industrial laundry equipment. The right laundry equipment is only part of what makes a laundry business successful. An expert distributor can help you with planning, execution, and support, all of which are key pieces of the puzzle.

With the assistance of a laundry distributor, you can work through the complete process of buying equipment. Distributors will help you with investment opportunities, designing a laundry room, installing it, and receiving ongoing maintenance and support services.

Hot Water Is Not Always Better

Last but certainly not least, we need to address a common myth. There’s a popular theory with laundry that hot water provides a better clean. But, like the word ‘myth’ suggests, that simply is not the case.

According to Energy Star, washing machines use 90% of their energy to heat water during the laundry cycle. However, the majority of today’s detergents are activated at much lower temperatures than they once were, so it’s not necessary to keep using so much hot water in our laundry.

Commercial laundry businesses also experience high linen replacement costs because of hot water. Generally speaking, hot water is much harsher on fabrics than cold water, causing faster wear and the need to replace items more frequently.

Using ambient temperatures to wash fabrics sterilizes them just as well as hot water, without the high energy output and wear-and-tear on linens. Save energy and money by reducing water temperatures.


Any time you shop for industrial supplies, you need to take into consideration a variety of factors. As a result, these factors will impact your profitability and daily workflow in many cases. Consider new or used commercial laundry equipment from a vendor you can trust.

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