Rotational molding design can be a tricky business. Sometimes the results are not what you want them to be and other times, they more than you could ever want them to be. But in the hands of Greg Stout and his freelance company, Blue Reed, rotational molding design doesn’t have to be tricky. He has over 25 years experience in the plastics design business and has built up connections with plastic manufacturers and tool suppliers to ensure his clients get the best product possible and that their designs are brought to life. His patience, dedication and familiarity with the rotational molding process are valuable in such a tiny field with limited designers and engineers.

What is wonderful about Stout is that not only does he have experience as a designer but as a rotational mold making engineer. He knows the process backwards and forwards. He can see the problems the molding may be having and he can also see what can and can’t be done to fix them. Whether it’s cast aluminum, sheet metal or machined molds, Stout can work with multiple tools and materials to give clients a product that is expertly crafted and durable to boot. For Stout, rotational molding design is not only a job but a passion. Knowing what type of molding, what threads and what tools to use are just a few of Stouts many skills.  And not only will Blue Reed create your molded plastic design, they will also consult on a design you created yourself. You can ask any design or engineering question and Stout and his team will be there to answer it. Only someone with experience and immense skill could be able to do that, and that person is Greg Stout.



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