Structural Glass Flooring Systems Panels

Structural glass floor systems have been a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing engineered glass flooring system since 2004. Structural glass floor systems have revolutionized the glass flooring industry. In any situation where natural light is desired, a glass floor is ideal. It is the lightweight aluminum grid that is at the heart of this pre-engineered and fully tested system for glass flooring. Due to the friction fit of each system, there are no welds, no fasteners, and no tools are needed to install it. Structural glass engineers can powder coat the extruded aluminum grid to any desired color for custom options.

A typical glass floor panel consists of a top and bottom layer of fully tempered 1″ laminated structural glass with a clear layer of an interlayer between. The layer of glass on the top is tempered, the layer on the bottom is heat-strengthened, and the layer between is plain. Glass floors can be 2-ply or 3-ply laminated glass depending on the design. To maintain the safety of your walkable glass floor, anti-slip glass floor frit patterns are recommended.

Building with glass floor systems is easy because it is a custom system that can meet a variety of design ideas. Adding LED lighting to the framework of your design can elevate your design. The load-bearing glass flooring panels meet the requirements of the building codes. These codes guarantee that the glass floors are safe for use in residential, commercial, and interior projects.

There are lots of ways to incorporate glass floors in any room. Colored interlayers can be placed between the glass to enhance the design of your glass floor. The glass interlayers can even be customized with a school logo or stamp to create a unique glass floor for your project. In addition to customizing the colors and designs of the interlayers of the glass, custom shapes are also achievable. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to your creativity with glass flooring systems.

Design Features + Options:

glass flooring systems can transform even a barnStructural Glass Flooring System Design

  • If you want a crystal-clear look, choose glass with a green/blue hue
  • Full transparency, full translucency, or anything in between
  • Slip Resistant Options
  • Shapes and sizes can be customized
  • Laminated glass with 2 or 3 layers

Privacy is a major concern for people walking on glass floors. You can create the desired level of privacy for those walking on your glass floor by acid-etching the glass or changing its transparency. If you add additional frit patterns or change the transparency, the natural light still pours through the glass.

Glass Flooring Systems Engineering

Glass flooring panels are designed to fit flush within your desired opening, to withstand live loads, and to be structurally sound to ensure safety. You should not add your own glass panels found somewhere else and not approved by a professional design team. This could create an unsafe environment for those using your glass flooring systems.

Historic Glass Floor Applications

A building with historic features probably will need conservation when it comes to renovations. Thankfully, a glass floor can meet any legal obligations while ensuring a beautifully renovated space. The glass floor systems are ideal for displaying centuries of history below your feet and protecting the space for many years to come. In addition to preserving important history, this creates a memorable point of interest for guests.

Glass Floor Installation

another example of an inventive glass flooring systemsYou should thoroughly review all instructions, construction details, and provided drawings before installing your glass floor system. When installing the metal framework, wear gloves and be careful as sharp edges can cause injury. Be sure to avoid rough treatment, dropping, and scratching of the aluminum frame during assembly. Refer to your approved shop drawings for the appropriate opening dimensions and glass floor dimensions before installing your glass floor system.

To simplify the installation process, many structural glass floors are shipped as a complete kit. These systems are designed to be set in a safe, supported opening that can hold both the weight of the floor and live loads as required by building codes. If you have any apprehension about installation you can always outsource to a professional construction company.

The Following are some common applications for your glass flooring systems:

  • Access Flooring
  • Glass Floor Balcony
  • Glass Bridges
  • Catwalks
  • Glass Deck
  • Display Floors
  • Glass House Floor
  • Lobby Floors
  • Glass Floor Loft
  • Glass Floor Skylight
  • Stair Landings
  • Wine Cellars

Hopefully, you learned something about glass flooring systems, and if you would like to read more check out this article on plastic matierals.

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