What is an SEO Strategist?

An SEO strategist is technically a digital marketing expert. They specialize in developing and analyzing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. In general, an SEO strategist is responsible for gaining traffic and visibility to a website.  

SEO Strategist - woman presenting strategies How Can an SEO Strategist Help Your business?

A qualified SEO strategist is an expert in all things SEO (search engine optimization). A highly-skilled strategist studies all things SEO like keyword research, analytics, traffic behaviors, user tendencies, search trends, and data reports so they can build SEO strategies that help more people find and stay on your website. This in turn increases visibility, traffic, and sales. 

There are many capabilities SEO strategists can help you with. Here are some specific services offered: 

  • Track and interpret website analytics  
  • Perform keyword research
  • Build and implement SEO strategies that solve problems on your website
  • Build links and create backlinks
  • Stay up-to-date with constant changes from search engines such as Google and Bing

Keyword research

Keyword research is very beneficial to any marketing plan. It is the foundation of any campaign. Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing terms that people enter into search engines. It provides insight into the queries that users are searching on Google. The valuable insight that is gained from doing keyword research will help when developing an SEM campaign. 

SEO Strategist - data analyticsData Analytics

A Strategist is an expert in monitoring and analyzing analytics. They have a deep understanding in concepts such as traffic behaviors and user tendencies. This allows SEO experts the opportunity to find specific areas that can be improved for increased visibility and traffic. 

Strategy Development and Execution

Every client has a unique and different situation. An expert strategist needs to have the flexibility to adapt to your business with different processes. The more experience your SEO strategist has, the more responses they have available to help with any issues that arise. The more strategies and tactics they have in their repertoire, the more possibilities you will have. Strategy development is beneficial in the long haul for your business.

SEO Strategist - developing an SEO plan

Understanding the Ever-changing SEO Environment

Google is constantly changing. Therefore, everyone working in the SEO industry is looking for new strategic processes constantly. It is very important that your SEO strategist has an innovative mindset to continuously improve.

SEO Strategist for hire

Finding a qualified strategist is not easy. To be effective, SEO strategists need to constantly follow updates from search engines and keep up with the industry’s best practices. They need to be experts at using tools related to SEO. They have to be creative, problem-solvers, and analytical thinkers. ADVAN has advanced, qualified SEO experts that have several years of experience. Search for an SEO strategist near me to find people at ADVAN who are enthusiastic about finding the best ways to improve your website.

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