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When you have one idea of your plans for your future and the direction of your life and suddenly find yourself facing criminal charges, the realization can seem debilitating. You think of your job, your goals and your loved ones, and how the outcome of your case may put any of these in jeopardy. However, there is no reason for the uncertainty of facing criminal charges does to overpower you.

Do you need to find a reliable criminal defense attorney in Ohio? If you are facing criminal charges, you don’t need anyone else to tell you how overwhelming the circumstances are. You may be dealing with more uncertainty and stress than you ever have before. However, you don’t have to simply let your future fall out of your control. When you partner with an experienced criminal defense attorney and an established law firm, you can streamline your legal process and preserve your future.

Seeking Out a Driven Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio That Gets Results?

Since 2014, clients from all over Ohio and West Virginia have looked to Maxwell Hiltner and the Hiltner Law Firm for expert legal representation. Where other firms hold clients back by avoiding trial at all costs, The Hiltner Law Firm moves clients forward by always remaining ready to head to trial. Visit the Hiltner Law Firm’s website today to find out how you could streamline your legal process and minimize the frustration of a trial.

Public Defender, Private Attorney or Self-Representation? Which is Better?

Under the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the accused in American courts are entitled to representation from an attorney, even if the accused cannot afford private legal aid.

While the financial advantage of partnering with a public defender may seem significant, the shortage of public defenders across the United States has led to many court-appointed attorneys taking on massive task loads. The resulting overwork can lead many public defenders to allocate much less time to clients’ cases as would be necessary. This could prove more detrimental to the outcome of your case in the long run than paying at the outset, even if your budget is tight.

On the other hand, a defendant pays for the aid of a private attorney. While cost may be significant, when defendants partner with private attorneys, they benefit from consistent communication with their legal teams and the capacity to assist the defense through any additional payment.

Some defendants do choose to represent themselves in criminal cases. However, a judge must determine whether or not a defendant is fit to represent himself or herself. While self-representing can be another option for saving on legal costs, it can often slow down the legal process and allow for violations of the defendant’s rights without his or her knowledge.

To get the most out of the legal process, it is best to partner with a private attorney whenever possible. Stakes can be incredibly high when it comes to navigating criminal charges, and representation is often the deciding factor.

How Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Help the Client?

The legal process can seem overwhelming, especially if you are navigating its complexities for the first time. You may have some understanding of the responsibilities of a defense attorney, but be unfamiliar with the broader scope of the defense lawyer’s role in a criminal case.

Seeking Out a Driven Criminal Defense Attorney in Ohio That Gets Results?

A criminal defense attorney is generally responsible for compiling all relevant facts of a case, knowing all he or she can about the prosecution’s case, representing the client in a trial and negotiating the best possible outcome for the accused. More specific responsibilities can include negotiating bail levels, pleas and advocating for the reduction of a charge, for example. Clients also count on defense attorneys to explain the possible outcomes of a case and help navigate the stress of legal proceedings.

A defense attorney maintains an ongoing relationship with his or her client to ensure the client’s understanding of all relevant legal issues. The lawyer is also responsible for keeping all communication with his or her client confidential.

What About Payment?

Every case is different, and in turn, the payment process varies by case. Attorney fees differ according to a variety of factors. For example, a more experienced attorney is likely to charge more than a lawyer just establishing his or her practice. A lawyer may also charge more or less depending on the severity of the charges at hand; felonies are more complex than misdemeanors and come with more severe consequences. In addition, fees can vary by a firm’s location and reach.


Why Should You Take on the Legal Process With the Hiltner Law Firm?

Whether you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you deserve to partner with a team that focuses solely on criminal defense. In fact, Maxwell Hiltner began his legal practice to remedy the lack of effective criminal defense resources in his community. With the right emphasis, complete dedication and a willingness to take any case as far as it needs to go, the Hiltner Law Firm helps clients fight for their futures.

Connect With Maxwell the Hiltner Law Firm and Don’t Let Your Charges Define You

Are you ready to move beyond the fear and frustration of a criminal charge? When you need an expert criminal defense attorney in Ohio, Maxwell Hiltner should be your first choice. Over nearly a dozen criminal cases in the year 2016, the trials yielded no convictions for clients of the Hiltner Law Firm.

Maxwell Hiltner has fought for the rights of clients facing a variety of criminal charges including drug charges, assault, white-collar crime, rape and murder. No matter the details of the case, you can depend on Maxwell Hiltner and the Hiltner Law Firm to commit to your case and your future.

To find out how the Hiltner Law Firm could help you navigate your legal process, just visit today.

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